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Two Sides, Same Coin by ALS123 Two Sides, Same Coin :iconals123:ALS123 31 10 Ko-fi Commission: A Game of Chess by ALS123 Ko-fi Commission: A Game of Chess :iconals123:ALS123 136 24 Ko-fi Commission: Sirius by ALS123 Ko-fi Commission: Sirius :iconals123:ALS123 23 8
Clipping of the Shadow Wing Ch. 1
It was a cool autumn day when this story began. I was on my way to visit my friends in London, running through street after street hoping not to be seen by anyone. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to come here during the day... Oh, where are my manners? My name is Lugia. At this moment, a one foot tall white creature with dark blue fins on my head, back, and tail.
You might be asking how can a creature like me be friends with someone in a city like London? Well… I do love to tell that story, but that is for another time, because today began one of the most difficult situations I was ever part off. I never could have thought that a long visit back at my own home could cause so much trouble for one of my closest friends here in London.
Who are these friends I am visiting? Well, they are not humans as you might think, but mice. Hehe yes, I know I was surprised as well when this little mouse called Basil of Baker Street found me when I was wounded and we have been close friends
:iconals123:ALS123 7 3
Ko-fi Commission: Lemme At 'im! by ALS123 Ko-fi Commission: Lemme At 'im! :iconals123:ALS123 33 14 Happy Birthday, Anne! by ALS123 Happy Birthday, Anne! :iconals123:ALS123 16 6 Commission: That. Was. AWESOME! by ALS123 Commission: That. Was. AWESOME! :iconals123:ALS123 22 10 Commission: Two Worlds by ALS123 Commission: Two Worlds :iconals123:ALS123 29 4 Mermay Sketchdump by ALS123 Mermay Sketchdump :iconals123:ALS123 47 6 April and May 2019 Sketchdump by ALS123 April and May 2019 Sketchdump :iconals123:ALS123 20 15 Clipping of the Shadow Wing Cover by ALS123 Clipping of the Shadow Wing Cover :iconals123:ALS123 14 4 Dusk by ALS123 Dusk :iconals123:ALS123 28 12 YCH: Tess by ALS123 YCH: Tess :iconals123:ALS123 18 8 YCH: Paula by ALS123 YCH: Paula :iconals123:ALS123 19 3 Blood and Gold: Kitty by ALS123 Blood and Gold: Kitty :iconals123:ALS123 24 15 YCH: Sitting by ALS123 YCH: Sitting :iconals123:ALS123 10 21


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello! My name is Amber. My interests include painting, drawing, reading, writing fanfiction, photography, etc. I love Sherlock Holmes and the Great Mouse Detective, so that's mainly what you'll see in my gallery. Some of my other favorite fandoms are Yu Gi Oh!, Black Butler, The Phantom of the Opera, Kingdom Hearts, most Disney stuff, etc. :heart:


Little Ray, Little Amber, and Little Basil by NightMagican

Little-Ray-Icon by NightMagican Little-Amber-Icon by NightMagican Basil of Baker Street Cookie FREE icon by NightMagican

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O o

Cheer Up Gray! by ALS123
Hi guys! Sorry for being so inactive here on dA lately. I tend to just submit art and run ^^; Going to work on that though and get back to commenting and replying more regularly!

My job as a transcription editor is slow in the summer, so I have a little bit more time for drawing. I'd like to start trying to make a little bit of additional income from that, so I'm launching a short little Ko-Fi campaign as an experiment! So if you donate a Ko-fi ($3), you will get a colored illustration of the character of your choice drawn from the waist up! (was originally going to just do headshots, but that's not as fun :XD: )
So here is the link to my Ko-fi!

And if that's not your thing, my commissions are still open! (I should have a new commission sheet ready soon, but prices will remain the same. Just getting rid of things like sketches and line art only because no one wants those lol). Also still have some YCH if you want to grab one!
YCH: Sitting by ALS123

Thanks so much for any donations or commission work you guys have given me or will give me! I never thought I could do commissions and be even remotely successful at it, so I appreciate the work so much! :heart: 

Ps. Sorry if this sounds like I'm begging for money in any way, shape, or form. I know people get aggravated seeing so much advertising sometimes, so I don't want to sound pushy or like I'm begging for work. This is totally voluntary and I'm not like starving or anything. My reason for trying to make more income is because I want to move out of my parents' house asap. (I'm almost 30, I need some independence soon :XD: ) And like I said, my transcription job is slow, so this is a good time to try to crank out a bunch of art I wouldn't normally have time to do :aww: 


Holy crap, guys! I am shocked by the number of faves on this.
Ko-fi Commission: A Game of Chess by ALS123
I had no idea this many people liked the Great Mouse Detective. I used to draw stuff for it ALL the time, but nowadays it's been mostly OC stuff or commissions. Maybe this is a sign to draw more canon GMD things. So thanks :iconabigailsieve24: for asking for this commission :XD: 
Is it just me or has dA's image quality gone down???
Like on this, his tie looks all splotchy and pixelated to me.
Ko-fi Commission: Sirius by ALS123
Feels to me like dA is just going downhill more and more anyway :saddummy:
Me and :iconmimmimeart: been talking about an exciting modern day AU featuring some of our OCs, and I can't wait to share it with y'all! Here's just one of her teasers (You can find a few more on her Instagram :la: )
Again, cherie...? by MimmiMeArt
Oh my gosh y'all need to go read this! 6SeaCat9 wrotea little something with Zander, an old Neopets oc of mine who I've never really developed far or written or drawn much about, but I absolutely love this encounter of him with her oc Anne :squee:

A Modest DuelIt had been a long day. A successful, but long day. The kind of day that made one feel like they’d accomplished a great deal of work, but also made one want to do nothing more than kick back and relax at the end of the day.
A bath sounded good. Sounded excellent, actually. And luckily Josette always seemed to know when one was called for, making sure to use Ann’s favorite bath salts and oils to make it all that more relaxing.
“If you need anything else, darling, just ring,” the Faerie Lenny said as she near floated toward the door. She always had that sort of grace about her.
“Thank you, Josette, but I think I’ll be fine. I’m planning to just soak away the day’s stresses for as long as possible.” Ann replied, starting to slip out of her clothes as the door closed behind her. The large, claw footed bath was filled with steaming water with scents that made it seem almost fit for a queen. She sighed deeply as she tied her long red hair

And while you're at it, go read this one too. Actually you should probably read it first to get some background on what's going on :XD: 

Gift: Shadow Duel
“This is going to be easier than robbing a bird’s nest!”
“Don’t jinx it, Garin! We don’t even know if anyone is home yet!”
Once again, the infamous—and ever mischievous—Garin the Foolish and his crew were up to their old tricks of piracy. But, where most pirates were content with sacking ships, towns, or various forts, Garin and his crew also found great enjoyment in robbing other pirates, especially if they were rivals or enemies. It was almost like a game to them, though the same couldn’t be said for the very pirates they robbed, most who were vicious beyond belief. One whose ire in particular seemed to be Garin’s very existence, there was literally no way to describe the hatred felt by Captain Scarblade in regards to the young Usul. And yet, Garin seemed compelled to irk the evil Lupe further with each breath he drew, or each new adventure he embarked on.
Which was what he was doing now, along with his crew.
In recent

Also, weird note: I thought you needed Core membership to be able to post thumbnails, but somehow on mobile I'm able to do it??? Odd :O
I don't have Core anymore and can't do polls, so asking here. Would anyone be interested if I were to do a Ko-Fi thing by giving flat color (no shading) headshot sketches (so from the shoulders up) for each Ko-Fi bought? You'd essentially be paying $3 for it, so it's cheap... is it too cheap? Just thought it might be something to try for a limited time only.


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