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Commission: Mousesona by ALS123 Commission: Mousesona :iconals123:ALS123 12 0 Inktober Day 22: Expensive by ALS123 Inktober Day 22: Expensive :iconals123:ALS123 25 7 November 2018 Sketchdump by ALS123 November 2018 Sketchdump :iconals123:ALS123 30 10 Who's Next? by ALS123 Who's Next? :iconals123:ALS123 13 7 Commission: You're In My Seat, Boy by ALS123 Commission: You're In My Seat, Boy :iconals123:ALS123 17 5 Inktober Day 21: Drain by ALS123 Inktober Day 21: Drain :iconals123:ALS123 23 3 Inktober Day 20: Breakable by ALS123 Inktober Day 20: Breakable :iconals123:ALS123 27 3 Inktober Day 19: Scorched by ALS123 Inktober Day 19: Scorched :iconals123:ALS123 20 4 Inktober Day 18: Bottle by ALS123 Inktober Day 18: Bottle :iconals123:ALS123 30 3 Goodbye by ALS123 Goodbye :iconals123:ALS123 17 5
Mature content
Danger in the Shadows Ch. 19 :iconals123:ALS123 5 10
Commission: Mouseling Family by ALS123 Commission: Mouseling Family :iconals123:ALS123 23 13 Inktobter Day 17: Swollen by ALS123 Inktobter Day 17: Swollen :iconals123:ALS123 15 9 Inktober Day 16: Angular by ALS123 Inktober Day 16: Angular :iconals123:ALS123 14 4 Inktober Day 15: Weak by ALS123 Inktober Day 15: Weak :iconals123:ALS123 17 6 Inktober Day 14: Clock by ALS123 Inktober Day 14: Clock :iconals123:ALS123 41 11

To-Do List

:bulletpurple: 2 Tumblr Commissions
Commission Info:…

2018 Art Challenge
Discontinued :nuu:
:bulletpurple:January: Digital Painting
:bulletpurple:February: Perspective
:bulletpurple:March: Nature and City
:bulletpurple:April: City Backgrounds, Clothes, Objects
:bulletpurple:May Object and Human Faces
:bulletpurple:June: Human Faces, perspective drawings, city backgrounds (failed to complete)
:bulletpurple:July: Perspective, city backgrounds, painting (failed to complete)

:bulletpurple:August: Perspective, Figure drawing, Nature background

Personal Projects
:bulletpurple:Magnolia Garden Bridge
:bulletpurple:Desert Road

:bulletpurple:Story and drawings of my Worg Takota
:bulletpurple:Fane character sheet for Prehistoria Tribe
:bulletpurple:Palette Challenge

:bulletpurple:GMD OCs: Maria Janssen
:bulletpurple:GMD OCs: Nanine
:bulletpurple:GMD OCs: Poppy
:bulletpurple:GMD OCs: Zven
:bulletpurple:GMD OCs: Piper
:bulletpurple:GMD OCs: Cherry
:bulletpurple:GMD OCs: Gypsy Damien

GMD and OC stories:
:bulletpurple: Basil with gun
:bulletpurple:Fane and Damien
:bulletpurple: Fane and Lars
:bulletpurple: Fane with ladies
:bulletpurple: Alex and Clara
:bulletpurple: Whip scene (BG)
:bulletpurple:Amber and Fane dancing 20s AU
:bulletpurple:BG Sheet for Ratigan
:bulletpurple:BG Sheet for Lucille
:bulletpurple:BG Sheet for Oliver
:bulletpurple: Mer-Fane
:bulletpurple:Mstrike>BasilxAmber Divine</strike>
:bulletpurple: Steampunk stuff
:bulletpurple: Cameo-type headshots of my OCs

:bulletpurple: LitS fight scene for MimmiMeArt
:bulletpurple:Basil4Life chapter pic
:bulletpurple:CherlnIDA birthday pic

Kingdom Hearts:
:bulletpurple: Riku's new look (KH3)
:bulletpurple: Sora's pirate outfit for KH3

:bulletpurple: YGOTAS stuff?
:bulletpurple: Practice drawing all the characters (mainly Atem or Kaiba)

My Great Mouse Detective Fanfics

:bulletred:Not started yet
:bulletyellow:In progress

The Adventures of The Great Mouse Detective
:bulletyellow:Scars of the Past
:bulletyellow:A Tangled Web
:bulletgreen:The Case of the Emerald Ring
:bulletgreen:The Deadly Assassin
:bulletgreen:Matters of the Heart
:bulletyellow:Danger in the Shadows
:bulletyellow: "Danger in the Shadows" sequel (no name yet and not posted yet)

The "Echoes" Series:
:bulletyellow: Echoes of Memory(Fane and Adrianna's Story)
:bulletgreen:Dark Beginnings (Janssen and Maria's backstory)
:bulletyellow: Echoes of Beginning (How Amber and Basil met) (not posted yet)
:bulletgreen:Echoes in the Night
:bulletgreen:Echoes in my Mind
:bulletgreen:Nocturnal Visits (sort of a bonus scene from Echoes in my Mind)
:bulletgreen: Echoes of Fear (Dominique's story)
:bulletyellow: Echoes of the Past (not posted yet)

:bulletyellow:Blood and Gold(Pirate AU)
:bulletred: Blood and Gold 2 (still working out plot)
:bulletyellow:Nosferatu (vampire AU)
:bulletyellow: The Divine (sort of mortals/angels AU)
:bulletyellow: Red Feather Mine (Robin Hood AU)

Other Random Oneshots and junk:
:bulletgreen:Master Detectives
:bulletgreen:Most Unusual: A Dream Fic
:bulletgreen:Dream: Tues. Nov. 29, 2011
:bulletgreen:Point of No Return

Some Original Characters (Pictures, Profiles, Questionaires/Interviews):
Inspector Thomas Grayson
Charlotte Hampton
Amber Lee Mus
Fane cel Rau…
Acenith and Nadya
Alexander Janssen and Maria
Other OCs:…

:bulletgreen:2011 Halloween Comic
:bulletblack:Echoes in the Night
:bulletblack:The Rescue
:bulletblack:The Sea's Archangel
:bulletblack: The Curse of the Mouse


What program do you use?
Paint Tool SAI and gimp

What tablet do you use?
Wacom Intuos

How long have you been drawing?
Since I was about 3 or 4 years old :aww:

Do you ever draw anything besides mice?
YES!!! Although you will mostly see mice from me because I'm a huge fan of GMD (the Great Mouse Detective) and I enjoy making tons of fanart for it. I also will occassionally draw other Disney stuff, Kingdom Hearts, anthros, etc.

Did you go to an art school/take art classes?
I took one basic painting class in college, but that was it (it was the only one I could get into because the others were full :( ). But I'm basically self-taught. Never went to an art school because I'd have to move, plus I'm not sure what exactly I would want to study.

Is your OC Amber you?
She started out being like my fursona... mousona...whatever :XD: I originally based her appearance and personality off of myself (plus she has my first name), but over the years she's evolved a little and become more of her own character. For one thing, she's much more outgoing and brave than I am ^^;

Can I make fanart/write stories of your characters?
Sure! I really LOVE seeing other things people have made of my OCs! Just as long as you don't claim them as your own or try to steal them... Also please give credit to me and link back and leave me a comment or note so I can see what you made! :aww:

Do you take requests?
No, only on rare occasions. I do take commissions though.

When will you update your (fill-in-the-blank) fanfic?
Whenever I can! Like I said, my job is my priority right now. I know it seems like it takes forever for me to update, but I'm going as fast as I can, so just bear with me... ^^;


How old are you?
I was born on November 13, 1990 ^^

What do you look like?…

Do you believe in God?
Absolutely! I'm a Christian first and foremost, but if you mean denomination, I'm Baptist.

Do you RP?
Not a lot because of the time constraints of my job :hmm: But I do have a roleplay account as my OC Fane cel Rau :iconfane-cel-rau-rp: I'm not very experienced at RPing, but if you'd like to, feel free to drop by the page to chat! :D

Not A Psychopath...

Where to find me

Patreon: ALS123

Ko-Fi: AmberLS123

Facebook: Amber's Art & ALS123:GMD Art AmberLS123

Tumblr: ALS123

YouTube: Lady Amber Rose



ALS123's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello! My name is Amber. My interests include painting, drawing, reading, writing fanfiction, photography, etc. I love Sherlock Holmes and the Great Mouse Detective, so that's mainly what you'll see in my gallery. Some of my other favorite fandoms are Yu Gi Oh!, Black Butler, The Phantom of the Opera, Kingdom Hearts, most Disney stuff, etc. :heart:


Little Ray, Little Amber, and Little Basil by NightMagican

Little-Ray-Icon by NightMagican Little-Amber-Icon by NightMagican Basil of Baker Street Cookie FREE icon by NightMagican

TGMD - Amber Lee Mus stamp by YaraffinityTGMD - Fane cel Rau stamp by YaraffinityTGMD - Charlotte Hampton stamp by Yaraffinity

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O o

Cheer Up Gray! by ALS123

Update: Hurricane Florence

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 11, 2018, 11:05 PM
UPDATE: It's been raining most of today and wind is picking up, and the power at our house went out about an hour ago because a tree fell on some power lines. But thank God the power company had it fixed within 30 minutes. But the worst hasn't hit us yet, they're saying heavier rain will come tomorrow on Sunday. I've seen different reports on how many inches we'll get, so who knows. But yeah, still a threat of high winds, and possible flooding in the mountains. I live in the foothills, so hopefully nothing too serious. Just worried about the wind and trees falling hehe. But thanks for the well wishes and prayers :heart:

Hey, guys! :wave: Just thought I would make a general post since a few people have asked me about it.

You've probably heard about Hurricane Florence getting ready to hit the Carolinas. People on the coast have already evacuated, but I live far enough inland that we shouldn't be hit by the worst of it. I live in the long, skinny part of North Carolina that's towards Tennessee. I live about an hour away from Asheville, so we didn't have to evacuate, thank God.

So from what I've heard, my area is expected to get tons of rain that could lead to flooding in some areas and maybe high winds. It looks like it's going to be scattered thunderstorms the rest of the week. We already had one Tuesday, and I'm sitting here now wide awake because it's lightning again. But nothing too bad yet.

The only thing I'm a little concerned about is that I live close to where they're holding the World Equestrian Games, which starts in the morning. We're a small town of about 20,000 people, and they're expecting up to 500,000 to attend these games. I don't know how in the world they're going to cram that many people in our little county. Traffic is already so bad it's affecting kids getting on the buses to school. That combined with bad weather just seems like a horrible combo. I don't know why they didn't postpone these games. Don't know how they'll perform in the rain anyway, especially when this hurricane hits land! :roll:

Anyway, thank you to the ones who have asked about my safety. So far, so good. Worst that could happen at my house is a tree or 2 falls, or power goes out. Some of y'all might have seen photos of my house on instagram or Facebook where our yard is covered in pine trees. In the 20-something years I've lived here, we've had a lot of trees fall, but all of them have fallen away from the house. So I'm hoping and praying if it does happen, they fall away from the house this time too.

But if anything changes or if I hear of anything worse that should happen, I'll update you guys soon as I can. It really just looks like scattered storms, but we're all just sort of waiting to see what happens when Florence hits land. I heard it's 500 miles wide, and South Carolina is only 200-something wide, so that's sort of freaking everyone out.

But yeah. I'm safe for now, and should be throughout this unless things are much worse than they expect. But thanks for the well wishes! :heart:

Purple CSS

Images & Code by CrimsonReach



They better give Thanos the biggest beatdown in the history of beatdowns.

I think I'm going to make this for December's sketchdump :D

So pick a number and give me a character to use! Can be my character or yours, cartoon characters, anything! Doesn't have to be just mice :XD: I'm trying to branch out a little.

Palette Challenge

So the last journal I posted a few days ago using the new Eclipse thing is like... nowhere to be found when I switch back to the old version :XD: I can only see it if I use Eclipse. I only know one person for sure has seen it because of one comment on the journal itself. Has anyone else actually seen it?

Does anyone know how to tag or mention other artists on Art Station? For the life of me, I cannot figure it out. I need to give credit to 2 artists for something I want to submit there :ohnoes:

Blood and Gold

:iconpiratesofmousedom: Pirate Stamp by phantom
Read it here-->…

Cover (c):iconnightmagican:


Dec 12, 2018
10:47 am
Dec 11, 2018
11:56 pm
Dec 11, 2018
2:20 pm
Dec 9, 2018
8:15 am
Dec 8, 2018
6:38 pm

Which of these fics of mine would you like to see more art of? 

12 deviants said Blood and Gold (the one with pirates)
6 deviants said Nosferatu (the one with vampire Basil)
5 deviants said Echoes of the Night (the one with Ratigan as the villain)
3 deviants said The Divine (the one with angels)
3 deviants said Echoes In My Mind (the one with Fane as the villain)
3 deviants said These sound like Friends episodes :XD:
2 deviants said Red Feather Mine (the one with a Robin Hood AU)
2 deviants said Other (comment please!)

Let It Burn


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