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Forest Concept Art

Concept art for a project in school. We were told to at least colour the workbook sketch we had already done...but I of course, wanting to practice backgrounds more, went and did something else on top of it.

To help make it feel more like a magical forest, wanted to put in the glowing...things...fruits? I dunno, something. The figure is very basic, as I still haven't nailed down her design 100% yet. She's out hunting in the forest.

What do you think?

(Done in Photoshop.)
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So cool! I love the colors and values!
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Is wonderful like that. Good work.
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I love the atmosphere of this!
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congratulation xd so stunning painting
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You got an A right? Right?
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Love this! Something about her stance or maybe that we can't see her face really draws me in. Would make an interesting concept art series with what she encounters in the forest... :)
I've featured this in my latest journal entry too (
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Oh thank you very much! I'm glad you like it! =)
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This is great. I love the depth you've created.
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Amazing i like the way the light fades From a base source to many sources (the Fruit/Berries)
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Ended up using your awesome concept art after falling asleep staring at it!
So Crediting and check it out!
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looks like nidalee from league of legends lol
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I can totally imagine a story to this! I love the mood <3 ;;
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Do you use Photoshop CS4?
BTW, nice pic. :D
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Thank you! =)
And I currently use CS5 and CS6 (bit too lazy to update on my main computer, but use CS6 at school.)
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