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Kamirya - The Siren [Commission]

Many moons ago I was commissioned to paint a siren whose name is Kamirya. Finally I was able to finish her! It was definitely a more challenging piece for me since I haven't drawn a full illustration in forever. But it was a good test for me to see if I was able to apply all the knowledge I had acquired over time. And I like the outcome! And the client too, so I'm super happy that this was a success. And I know this painting is going to be printed and displayed in the client's home.. that's what makes me even more excited, to know that my art is worth to be displayed on someone's wall Happy 

Hope you like her! You might want to turn up your display brightness because of all the darkness :D (Big Grin)  
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Going back to what I had previously said about your piece, 'The Key';

"I think it's a true testament to your artisitc talents that even in the prescence of a beautiful, sexy, scantily clad elf, my eyes still get drawn to her enchanting mystical Trinket and that Dragon eye."

It didn't quite occur to me back then but looking back at that piece and now on this one, I think a spotlight is beginning to shine on one particular part of your artistic arsenal: your lighting + shadow work. I'm not trying to make a pun by using the terms 'shine' and 'spotlight', I swear! :P

The atmosphere you've created here is nothing short of eerie. There's a serene beauty to be found in the subject and those aquatic colours of course (sidenote: since so many mermaid pieces favour blue as the primary colour scheme it's nice to see a unique change with the use of green :clap:) but those heavy shadows + foggy effects give off a seriously dark, almost sinister mood. Really brings to mind some of the legends of Merfolk luring Sailors in with their beauty and hypnotic singing, only to drag them to their death in the murky abyss (on that note, my jaw practically plummeted at the sight of the waves, right down to each little splash :wow: ).

Forget any Little Mermaid jokes/comparisons. For me, what comes to mind here are the songs 'Turn Loose the Mermaids' by Nightwish and 'White Waters' by Epica. Now to be honest I'm not sure what the story behind those songs are but I personally find if you listen to the music and lyrics in the latter one carefully, it's difficult not to think of the idea of... how should I put it?... "Mermaid Temptation". It's on the 'Design Your Universe' album by the way *hint hint* ;)
Just give it a listen and tell me if you agree :) ;

The entire composition of this artwork is outstanding. You haven't just created a beautiful image Miss Alrooney, you've made a piece that - if my little analogies are anything to go by - has the power to tell a story, and I cannot stop applauding you for it! :heart:
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Wow thank you so much for this amazing comment! I’m glad my lighting and shadow work keeps on improving :)

And heck YES! White Waters is one of my absolute Epica faves!! I also totally get the siren vibes when listening to it and I’m so happy that you brought it up! Again thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful words, they really made my day! :aww:
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I absolutely love the lighting here, it's so beautiful! And the waves are just amazing, not to talk about this gorgeous mermaid aaaaah I love this!!
alrun-art's avatar
Thank you very very much! :aww:
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Al, your work keeps getting more and more incredible! :D This is beautiful, the darkness, and the rendering of that water! The mood is captured perfectly, I can imagine a sailboat in choppy waters, the last thing on their long shift would be to discover this siren upon the rocks... Wonderful stuff! :D
alrun-art's avatar
Thank you so much! Happy to hear your feedback! :aww:
Opalotls's avatar
You're very welcome! :)
FrerinHagsolb's avatar
Wundertoll! :la: Das Licht und die düstere Stimmung sind so beeindruckend und geben dem Charakter eine ganz eigene Bedeutung/eigenes Gefühl...Und das Wasser! :dummy:

alrun-art's avatar
Vielen Dank!! Es war viel Arbeit, hat sich aber gelohnt :aww:
RossiTorres's avatar
Wow beautiful scene !, It looks really amazing, I really like the atmosphere
and the color! The mermaid looks really beautiful, and the water looks really amazing! :la::heart:
alrun-art's avatar
Thank you very much! It was a lot of work but I’m glad I pushed through :aww:
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This is absolutely GORGEOUS!! And your ocean is amazing.   flashy Fish by vafiehya
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Aww thank you so much! :aww:
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I have to admit - if all the sirens looked that way, I'm not surprised by all those lost, hypnotized sailors... :D She's so tempting... And you painted sea so well! Very good work <3
alrun-art's avatar
Haha those poor sailors :D thank you very very much! <3
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This is stellar! I love seeing a bigger frame from you :love:
alrun-art's avatar
Thanks so much! It was a lot of work so I’m glad you enjoy it :aww:
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Nice, but I am wondering if she has wings or tattoo?
alrun-art's avatar
Thanks! It’s a tattoo of wings ^^ otherwise they would stick to her skin in a very close and weird way :D 
Digitiel's avatar
Agree, thank you ^^
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