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Jaslyne Rhodes [Commission]

Commission for the very kind and amazing anneauxdelacroix. I had so much fun working on her character Jaslyne Rhodes, who "reigns as the leader of the underworld in a great kingdom. She's as beautiful as she is dangerous, using the assumptions of others to her advantage. She's cunning, observant, and ruthless".

Catherine LaCroix is an amazing author with beautiful characters! Be sure to check out her DA page and Twitter (, you won't regret it! :)

Thank you again, dear Catherine, for commissioning me! :aww:

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Had to comment on this one as well because it was one of the first pieces that caught my eye when looking through your new artworks! the fierceness in her stare, the flawless texture on the skin and the subtle shine of her jewelry... you constructed a truly alive portrait with this one! I'm half expecting her to move at any moment haha
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Ahh thank you, it's definitely one of my faves too!
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Amazing eyes and jewelry :) 
alrun-art's avatar
Thanks so much! :)
Miriel3's avatar
Woah, so beautiful <3 I love colors you used (that red and gold: :love:).
Mesmerizing eyes :heart:
alrun-art's avatar
Thank you so much, glad you like her! :aww:
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She looks fierce! She's as beautiful as she is dangerous is really summed up within her expression, intimidating yet stunning! And yay more sparkles, I love the way you do jewellery, and her hair is intensely beautiful! Amazing :D
alrun-art's avatar
Thank you, glad her expression fits her character! :) (Smile) Heart 
Majalth's avatar
Looks really beautiful! I love the hair!^^
alrun-art's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
Majalth's avatar
You're welcome ^^ 
RossiTorres's avatar
Wow her face is so perfect! I love her, she is very beautiful,
I love the hair and the details of the horns! Excellent work! :la::heart:
alrun-art's avatar
Thanks so much! :)
ArlenFram's avatar
Ohhh *dies from goodness* You never stop to amaze me, Ally! :love: This is by far your best portrait, the amount of badassery and beauty in this one is manic and great! <3
I really love it and can't wait to have money again to commission you! :)
alrun-art's avatar
Oh wow, thanks so much! :heart: I would love to create another painting for you! :)
anneauxdelacroix's avatar
I have shown this to any human that will look this weekend. You absolutely killed this. Her gaze is perfection, like I would absolutely give in and understand I'm in a world of hurt if I do. 

Thank you so much for taking my commission. I look forward to working with you again soon!!!
alrun-art's avatar
Gosh, thank you so much, it means the world to me!

I would absolutely love to work with you again! <3
ysasi's avatar
Yep, another beautiful one. I'm glad you're still playin around with the sparkly stuff and I'm definitely noticing all the awesome texture you're adding now, but what I've noticed lately is just the beauty in each of these faces. Your mastery of beauty makes me jealous - I'm still working on finding out what's ideal and how to produce it on a consistent basis. Anyway, this is absolutely the caliber of work I'd expect from you, and it looks like you genuinely enjoyed putting it together!
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Wow thanks so much, Eric! I just can’t get away from the sparkly stuff, there will be more to come in the future cause I don’t know how to produce art without it anymore ^^ 

I always had issues with drawing faces that were beautiful, but all of a sudden it works very well :) And I’ve played a lot with new brushes because I really want to move away from the super soft shading etc. It’s still there, but the brushes I’m using right now are awesome to add all this texture. Still experimenting, though! Brushes make such a huge difference in art. I’m so looking forward to all the available brushes when I start using photoshop (August hopefully, fingers crossed :aww:
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Okay- this is phenomenal ♥ ^-^ the detailing and lips AND hair-everything is so beautiful Yay Yay yay 
alrun-art's avatar
Wow thank you so much! :)
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Thank you so much!! i got your heart 
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Gosh her eyes are so intense, I swear I have some kind of deal with the devil rn.... The gold details just overwhelm me, they're too good,,, just wow 
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