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The Storm

Personal Piece! Playmats are up on here!… 

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A winged lion and with horns. THIS LOOKS AMAZING!

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I love the texture you put in the lions fur

i have a request. (you do not draw for money?) on my page their is literature called triceradon profile. and i wonder if you can draw him firing his weapon at a unseen enemy in a forest. never forget he has thicc legs. his helmet type are the one that do not show his face okay. obey evething the literature describes him as. please

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A winged lion! Awesome!
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This is literally so cool bro you’re so talented omg this is amazing -aH
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I am absolutely in love with this. Is there a place where you have prints?

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Thank you! As soon as I have a bit more funds I promise I will get a print for my wall! <3 This really resonates with me.

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So beautiful and unique work!

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This is so pretty, it should be on a Magic the Gathering card. Great stuff.
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Your work is awesome and beautiful.
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Woah, beautiful art!

The colors and values are really lovely. And of course, the character!

I really like this one. c:

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The lion looks so beautiful and confident, amazing painting! :D
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Awesome~! :D  :+fav:

Quick question:  Is it a Lion-Bird or a Lion-Bird-Fish?
That tail is throwing me off;  It looks like a fin.
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I'm thinking manticore, but like... a lazy manticore, so the tail might be a stinger. 
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What would a manticore be doing out in the ocean?  Far as the myth goes, manticore would be found in old ruins further inland.
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Beach day. Hangin' out. Getting some storms. 
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