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So this one is based off of the Otarian Juggernaut :…

And is one of my favorites, haha.

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This is great!
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Is it Howl's Moving Castle's new version?=P (Razz) 
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I was thinking Trojan Pug.
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No "pug of war" pun in the comments? What a missed oppawrtunitiy!
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Mess with the Grug, you get the pug.
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that could kill anything
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That's what you'll get for a killstreak of seven in Call of Duty: World of War.
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Are puggs like pagan deity's to these rabbit people? do they give fertility?
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This is so awesome! LOL my family used to breed and raise pugs.
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The cutest weapon known to man
An interesting take on fantasy.
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This is what I call art.
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The other side doesn't know it but they have already lost. No one can withstand the Puggernaut.
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I would let through the city gates.  Trojan pug...
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As if pugs weren't already cute enough lol
Edgar's made a weapon...a weapon to surpass Metal Gear.
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