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Kickstarter's at 76%!

We're doing fantastic!…

This is the first illustration I've released that's actually in the book. It's towards the end, where our resident demon starts making friends with the people who live next to the graveyard.  We're only 10 days in! You guys have been fantastic  :D
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Can I marry your talent?  Is that
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This one is really cute :) :heart:
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Ah yes, that starry sky one! I remember seeing this on Tumblr, loved the night-lighting.
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Holy, exquisitely fantastic! The Resident Demon is stunning and The Landscape looks incredible! The expression, character,graveyard, poses, sky, stars, atmosphere, plant life, movement, textures, hues, designs, concept, composition, uniqueness, colors, lighting, style, and other details are also wonderful! Magnificent work! :iconsobeautifulplz:
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I'll check to see what I have for money also. XD
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Love the scenery of the cosmos and the placement of the characters, very well done!
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I give this image a 10 Score
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This is really cool :D great work!
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Very good technique of lighting and shadows. Nice work =)
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Thanks very much! 
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Awesome and cute^^
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I'm too poor to help, but it looks great! :thumbsup:
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It seems Kickstarter doesn't support Paypal, and I don't have a credit card (bank thinks I don't make enough money, even though I have reserves). :(

Is there anything else I can do/send money to?
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Sure! I've got a few people sending funds through Paypal- It's - just make sure to note what you'd like in the comments and we should be square :D
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Sorry for the late reply.

It's been sent (25 for the physical copy + 15 for the shipment costs). :)
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Awesome! Got it, Thanks so much for your support! :D
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Until that meteor shows up... I think I see it a bit to the west of the Polaris.
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I'm so glad this Kickstarter is going well for you, the story is amazing and deserves every penny it gets :dummy: 
Shame im unable to pledge for the story myself since im saving for a graphical tablet and all its accessories 
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Fantastic kickstarter! it sounds like a very interesting story :D
*pledges to get a hard back copy*
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