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Places to find me by ALRadeck, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Caelum Sky: Page 1 by ALRadeck, visual art

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Professional Illustrator for Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and many others

The first submission I ever posted here was this terribly posturized image of myself playing a flying V guitar I didn't own in 2005. It was on a site full of web themes and blossoming art community full of enthusiastic, empathetic people. It soon became a haven for my writing, my very terrible looking anime drawings that people said were great, which gave me the first confidence boost I ever got to make a switch in college over to art. After working hard to improve for 14 years, I find myself in an extremely fortunate position where fantasy art and comic making are my full time jobs, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. The history I have logged on this, and my previous account make up such a pivotal part of my life that even thinking about leaving is deeply painful. For folks out of the loop this last weekend, Deviantart released a number of journals pertaining to their stance on AI artwork, and their new AI app, Dream up. DeviantArt has been ground zero for AI networks to
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I won't mince words, here's my frustration: So DA now has automatically opted everyone's artwork into third party AI software. Just like that! No vote, no "You're automatically opted out, you'd have to opt in" options, nothing like that. It's up right now. Lots of fun comments on that journal btw. *everyone loves Dreamup!* I've been here for 16 years. (it says 14 on the site, this is my second account) I've survived the Eclipse saga, I've been through big site changes, I've given DA my money for years now. But screw this. I'm waiting till the weekend to see if they change anything/ walk anything back, but if not I'll be taking down this account. 1300 deviations in the garbage. Early drafts of CS I refuse to look at again because it's so bad. Beyond the legal complications of having copywritten work stolen and just given to other people, I'm just tired. I'm not going through and editing 1300 pieces of artwork because DA sucks AI artwork's weird non-distinct ass. Anyways, here
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Sorry it's taken me so very long to get this out, stuff has been super hectic! We had a lot of really fantastic entries for my first contest here, and regardless if you won or not, every time a new fanart came in, everyone on the discord went ballistic over it and we couldn't stop gushing about the depth of creativity that came from this. There were so many small details, clever puns and amazing works put forth that it really made this decision pretty difficult. Our Fanart Winner is DemonML ! Of this epic piece called Untethered, Neri having a heckin' good flight and loving every minute of it. Great knowledge of form and lighting, fun and epic pose, and an over all treat. Our Panel Redraw winner is stephycake ! I loved the fun atmosphere of remaking this page in an old timey animated style, I love the added film burn lines like an ancient part of Neri past got animated and turned into this lovely gem. Thank you guys again so much for being such wonderful folks, and
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I think you’re the coolest

Welcome back! :)

a good page !

So, in your latest upload you stated that you got the feeling that most people only commented complaints on your post.

Due to this I decided to quickly drop by and say that I have no complaints and am happy that you’re still around despite all the crazy stuff going on.

Keep up the good work and stay positive and well/healthy! 👍

I appreciate that! <3

Thank you for the Coin Buddy ! ^_^

I was looking through your gallery and all i can say is that you are a very talented Person :dummy: I wish i could draw like this but i guess it will take me a lot of practice :meow:

Keep it up ! :3

My pleasure! <3

your art is amazing! you have a big talent!