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001- Bulbasaur

Update: Made a few changes like the make its right foot bigger and head smaller. and changed my signature made it simple AJ

Ok Starting a NEW pokemon series and why not with the very first classified pokemon, the adorable Bulbasaur

It's been a while since i have done pokemon art like this so hope you like
THE GOAL IS TO DRAW'EM ALL - a pokemon a time at least

I am pleased with the style - now feeling comfortable with ambient lighting - so it looks more real - but no realism that looks cheezy for pokemon - pokemon are meant to be cartoony

ok what else I don't know if i will continue with 002 and so on but probably i'll choose the next ones randomly

NOTE: There will be a flash tutorial for this later as soon as i figure out how to do a flash animation (now installing adobe flash) and you'll see it soon

Don't forget to fav and comment

art © Alpin Jongari
bulbasaur © Gamefreak and Nintendo

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Gah I love bulbasaur!
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Wow! this is really good :D
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Glad you like
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man this is just to good:D
alpin-j's avatar
GreenDoodle's avatar
Bulbasaur looks so evil compared to the others. XD
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because he is?????? just kidding maybe i didn't mean it be mean XD
GreenDoodle's avatar
Aw, okay~ He still looks pretty cool though~
tak1n-advantageOf-it's avatar
"AJ" looks like a super hero's name. XD
I like the way you wrote it though, it looks cooool~ and ancient hieroglyphic... sort of. XD

Needless to say how awesome that drawing is.
I really like (well the lineart is just perfect, so I'm not going to talk about it) the coloring and the shadows and the lighting wherever it exists... It's *really* good. I admire you~ :'D
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my surname starts with j thats why
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You did a wonderful job on Bulbasaur. I hope you continue with your pokemon drawings because if they are like this, They'll be awesome!!
alpin-j's avatar
Yes i will continue with this series
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Uau O_o toso kaloo. Exeis wacom tablet?
alpin-j's avatar
thanks. nai exw apo to 2008 pia - bebaia einai to pio aplo to Wacom Bamboo One A6 size alla thn douleia thn kanei mia xara...
KeybladerEva's avatar
Den katalava tpt alla akougetai gamato :D .Pada ithela na exw ena!
alpin-j's avatar
haha na to pw pio kala - to wacom tablet onomazetai Bamboo One
exei diastaseis A6 - to ena tetarto apo to xarti pou bgazoume fwtotupies
kai einai to pio aplo kai to pio fthuno mallon alla to exw panw apo treia xronia kai mia xara einai akoma
ekei sta 50 eurw mporeis na pareis ena nomizw - an kapote sou periseuoun ta lefta sto prothnw egw ta exw bgalei auta ta lefta hdh apo ta commissions pou exw kanei.
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