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got it from :iconorb01:

The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a free sketch. In return you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal. If you've already done 10 Free Sketches simply link the journal entry in your comment!

01 - I will NOT draw your request until I see this in your journal. If you don't draw then you don't need to put this in your journal.

02 - Only one character per person.

03 - Please have a reference or description of your desired character so I can get it done properly!

04 - (from me) i enjoy drawing fanart more than OCs. especially if i'm in the same fandom. wink-wink.

01 :icondexortra: - Ash…
02 :iconkalikuvaz: - Hetalia fanart…
03 :iconorb01: Watson riding a llama
04 :iconladyninka: Holmes, Watson and a giant wombat
05 :iconnagissimo: Asya as a boy
06 :iconsulfid:
07 :iconbearspirit: spacecat.… or Monty Python on llamas.
08 :iconsulfid:
09 :icongrafyth: Gambit from X-Men
10 :iconbusycoroner:
i need more llamas!
it's like they knew what a woman wants!

everyone gets a llama in exchange, of course. let's spread them.
12 345.

you send me a screenshot - i draw you something cute. it does work that way, riiiiight?
alright, this is the point when i stop drawing fanart before it starts having psychoterapeutic effect on me.

it's so calming though.
got bored.
da have a bunch of art to share, but ain't gonna pile it all at once, oh no. all in good time.
and so i thought that it is sort of wrong not to nave any single journal entry, so here i go, having totally nothing to write.

perhaps you'll be interested that i've rearranged my gallery. it's really frustrating, because frankly i want to delete all the deviations except for a few latest ones. so now i've got a brand new folder which is euphemistically called "early ones" and which means "crappy stuff i want to delete" indeed. and i probably will delete it someday and become a great skilled artist, i will!

oh hell. drawing in the middle of classes, in copybooks, missing university to study some photoshop features was my life and i can't through it away just like this. experience is good and all that.
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