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Planescape: Tarot

By alphyna
The full Major Arcana Tarot deck based on Planescape: Torment (coincidentally, the best game ever). 
Find the bigger images and explainations behind all the card choices here:…
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This is amazing. Perfect thought-fuel about the Planes.
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Great work!
My only real criticism is that it's *too* pretty for a game like Planescape: Torment
Thanks for these work of arts. They were interesting to look at and read, but also well designed and drawn. It is so much fun to be reminded of Planescape: Torment again and rethink of the time playing it while thinking about your interpretations.
It is interesting to see how you interpreted the different cards and characters, but I have to say: I knew all the names of the tarot cards and some superficial meanings, but I learned much more through your explanations combined with their representations from the planes.
Thanks for that too.
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I've been wanting to see a Planescape-based Tarot deck for years. The setting lends itself to the Tarot quite nicely. However, it's so much broader than what we saw in Planescape: Torment, and as such, certain figures from the pnp source material suit the archetypes of the Major Arcana better. I wrote a list somewhere on my computer, but I never actually attempted to illustrate it. Rhys, factol of the Transcendent Order, would suit the Fool, for instance, and Primus would be perfect both numerically and essentially, as the Magician. I assigned the Lady of Pain to the High Priestess, Factol Erin Montgomery of the Sensates as the Empress, Factol Sarin of the Harmonium as the Emperor, Factol Hashkar of the Fraternity of Order as the Heirophant. I think I used the Torment symbol for the 9 of swords, Fell for the 7 of Cups, and the Nameless One on a gurney for the 4 of swords. 

But never mind, I'm making it sound like an extended criticism. I love this piece. The art is crisp and beautiful. And within the confines of Torment, your interpretations of Judgement, Justice, Death, and The Tower work especially well. 
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The whole deck is pure gold. Love the colours and style, but what I love even more is explanation behind every one of the choices for each card portrayals. It's almost like the whole game was built accordingly to the arcana descriptions. Magnificent work. Can't express all my appreciation.
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Thanks a bunch! :) I did a good deal of thinking before I got to drawing them.
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Worth it and it shows. :)
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so cool! Do you plan to make also minor arcana? Than it could be usable as a whole deck.
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No plans to. Minor Arcana are simply less interesting to me :)
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Ugh...this is seriously some of the best Planescape Torment art ever! Such details put into each image! They're all very beautiful.
And now I want to play the game again...
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Thank you kindly!
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Awesome and well made, you made this Planescape fan, very, very happy. :)

Now, for next challenge try remaking Taroka Deck from Ravenloft setting. ;)
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Thank you!
I'm not a professional Tarot maker though :) Not sure I have any plans to do another deck ever again (this one was a ton of work already!)
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No problem, this one is amazing as it is. I cant wait to show it to my friends (who are also Planescape fans). :)
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stunned, beautiful!
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Powers Above? you know your Planes 'n prophecies!
Stunning, overwhelming work! 
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Thanks a bunch!
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Really stunning! Is there any way to get them as actual game cards? They're beautiful and they'd make a really nice addition to a D&D tabletop game.
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Thanks! You are welcome to print them out for personal use if you want.
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Fantastic work! Kudos!
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