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Yon Mashou

By AlphaYami
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This image spans 2 pages of the Perfection YST artbook. I had to scan up each page separately and try to line them up. Then I had to try to edit out the crease in the middle of the page as best as I could.

Photoshop CS3 was only partially willing to help me out with all of this. When pasting each page as a layer onto one file, then lining the images up, Photoshop constantly wanted to jump one side up or down. You can see on the left side of Shuten's (aka Anubis) hair where it wouldn't work for me. After fidgeting on it over and over I just decided this was as good as it was going to get.

As with my other wallpapers here, it is available to download on my website Soul of the Seasons in the wallpapers section.

I hope you enjoy this wallpaper. I'm sorry it isn't 100% perfect, but this was honestly the best I could do with such a large image.

Edit/Update 2/20/14: Changed image from desktop screenshot to wallpaper. Added watermark to prevent further theft.
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is wrong that I have them paired up with four sisters?  Each warlord with one of the sisters as a wife.
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Who would have thought they'd look so nice without their helmets?
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they look cute when sad.
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You're the creator of "Soul of the Seasons"?! :O_o: You have such an excellant website with great info, links, and pictures there! It's such a great website all in all. :) The Mashos are my favourites out of all the Ronin Warrior Characters after all. :D
AlphaYami's avatar
Thank you for the comment and compliment. I'm glad you enjoy visiting my website. I'm happy to provide information and images for other Dark Warlord / Mashou fans out there. It is always great to hear that it helps out a fellow fan and makes their day.
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Quite welcome :)
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Yaay! I just recently got back into this anime pretty heavily, and after seeing your site a few days ago, I realize yes I used to frequent it back in the late 90's....
Because I'm a raving Naaza fangirl.
And even after 10+ years...I don't understand why.
AlphaYami's avatar
It's okay. We need more raving Naaza fangirls. (Or even just fans.) Welcome back to the fold.
punkynotemo's avatar
Yeah, I expect to be spamming my watchers with various silly and/or half-assed fanart very soon.
Next will come me looking to get a Masho cosplay group together.
Without Kayura.
Because I don't like her at all. XD
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Heh, I think that's actually one I've never seen before...
AlphaYami's avatar
Who hoo! Yeah Naaza looks really nice relaxing on this one.
JuJu-Beezy's avatar
You did a way better job then I would have done. :D
AlphaYami's avatar
Thanks. :) I still wish I could have gotten the two sides/layers to line up right. There were times I nearly gave up and said it couldn't be done. But damn this piccy just screamed wallpaper constantly at me.
JuJu-Beezy's avatar
I think the only way to get it perfect would have been to take the book apart and you wouldn't want to do that.
AlphaYami's avatar
Sadly one of my YST art books already has problems with the binding and some of the pages are falling out. :/ But yeah I've heard of that suggestion for book scanning.
JuJu-Beezy's avatar
:( I would cry. But then again. I'm still trying to get my hands on the art books without going broke. Keep watching ebay. :)
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