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I remember that night
When the world I knew
Came crashing down and
Disappeared around me
Leaving me all alone

My heart sank as I lost hope
My life lost its purpose
I wondered why I was there
Would I ever find my way again
Or would I always be lost

Carrying on as best as I could
My path crossed onto yours
Then you caught my sight
Without knowing why
I am pulled towards you

It's so mysterious, this power
I can feel it calling out to me
Like a song singing to my soul
It surrounds me in a strange light
And I suddenly feel that I'm home

Suddenly I found myself
Swept away from what I've known
I see that you are frightened
So I tightly hold on to you
I promise somehow I'll protect you

But your eyes look into mine
With a look of sadness you say
Donít make promises you canít make
I didnít understand what you meant
All I knew is I needed to be around you

I can see the strings of destiny
As they begin to form around me
What will come of all of this
Will I finally find my dream
Or will I find my darkest nightmare

It's so mysterious, this power
I feel it coursing through me
Though flesh, blood, and bone
It fills me with a strange light
And it feels like I'm home

It's so mysterious, this power
I donít know what it is but
I don't want to live without it
Please say you'll always be there
No matter where I may go

Now that I've finally found my home
I hope I put this in the right place. Though it's kind of a song, it's more free verse, free flowing writing. I just wrote what came to me as I thought of it.

This is just something I wrote up as kind of like a theme for the story I'm creating. I wrote it from the viewpoint of one of the main characters of my story, Alessandro.

So I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it. I hope it isn't too rough of a submission.
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August 8, 2004
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