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The Things We Never Forget by AlphaWolfAl The Things We Never Forget by AlphaWolfAl
ugh this has taken like three and a half days just take it

Ok so I can't actually remember the dates the game took place during so I don't know if 2013 is an appropriate year but fuck all if I even care right now it's 2am and my hands hurt.

I was gonna go the "Someone sent them a creepy picture of them in a hotel" route with the words but decided to just make it kinda scrapbooky.

The photo is a CG stock image from a google images search that I can't find the link for anymore but it's supposedly set in london idk I've never been to london.

Chris and Piers nude models by Adngel  
Here they are:   Fan Mod: RE6 Main Heros Nudes  

Background is called "Bedroom 2 V2" on my computer and I think i nabbed it from someone's skydrive while I was there downloading something else because I can't find it in my faves or my bookmarks but omfg if that sounds like your thing please let me know (not all the textures are there because I was trying to make the background a little plainer so in Blender I just didn't use them all)

Full Image on my Tumblr here (delete the spaces in your address bar):   http://   dominantalphawolf.    tumblr.   com/post   /109471324941/my-nivanfield-render-i-just-finished-in-all-its
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