Can You Feel Me?
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Pretty Much just got bored and painted "FEEL" on my lips with black lipstick (Over red lipgloss). Then I got to thinking about what I could do with it and remembered how I can always feel my boyfriend's lips lingering on mine for quite a long time after just a single kiss. I started wondering if he had the same experience. So the "CAN YOU" mustache and the "ME?" soul patch were added in the same black lipstick. Then I thought my upper lip seemed nekkid and I started doing little like upside-down triangles also the same black lipstick. The middle one ended up fat and kinda almost looks like a heart because it's right at the crux of my upper lip. The red lipgloss was applied with the little foamy thing that comes attached to the cap of it and the black lipstick was all done with a fineliner brush for Acrylic Paint. Actually officially had that lip piercing for 13 months today (4:40am on November 10th 2011 right now) so happy with it!!
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