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Galaxy by AlphaWolf345 Galaxy :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 0 0 Clay Land by AlphaWolf345 Clay Land :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 1 0 Giant Hot Cocoa by AlphaWolf345 Giant Hot Cocoa :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 1 0 Manga Coloring by AlphaWolf345 Manga Coloring :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 2 2 Alois Trancy - Costume by AlphaWolf345 Alois Trancy - Costume :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 3 0 9 by AlphaWolf345 9 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 2 0 8 by AlphaWolf345 8 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 1 0 7 by AlphaWolf345 7 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 1 0 6 by AlphaWolf345 6 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 2 0 5 by AlphaWolf345 5 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 1 0 4 by AlphaWolf345 4 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 0 0 3 by AlphaWolf345 3 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 0 0 2 by AlphaWolf345 2 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 1 0 1 by AlphaWolf345 1 :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 2 0 [Kuroshitsuji] Snake - Cosplay by AlphaWolf345 [Kuroshitsuji] Snake - Cosplay :iconalphawolf345:AlphaWolf345 0 0
Here are some of the newest deviations I have!


Mettaton Ex by Dolphixx Mettaton Ex :icondolphixx:Dolphixx 8 1
Safe and Sound (Sebastian x Reader)
    "You're going to get yourself all messy." Sebastian tutted, withdrawing a handkerchief from his breast pocket.
    In two calculated movements he wiped away the muddy mess under your eyes. Fat tears had left clear paths on either cheek, still dribbling steadily towards the apex of your chin.
    There was an odd sort of kindness in his reprimanding. Like the love you get from a guardian after scraping your knees or the loss of a pet. Your woes were far more serious than the death of a goldfish, but the butlers nonchalant attitude was actually helping a bit.
    You could barely see him in the dim lighting. He was an outline of black hosting two scarlet irises, looking down at you from his lofty height. Sebastian gave you a look of plain pity, smoothing your hair affectionately as he did.
    Your dress was busted clean at the seams, corset exposed behind sheaths of dark dress fabric. The tear of your once be
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 649 49
Forever By Your Side by KathytheGoth Forever By Your Side :iconkathythegoth:KathytheGoth 88 12 Percy Jackson-- Heroes of the Final Battle by Golden-Flute Percy Jackson-- Heroes of the Final Battle :icongolden-flute:Golden-Flute 471 80 Free FH Map 2 by ImagineMinty Free FH Map 2 :iconimagineminty:ImagineMinty 14 2
Nico di Angelo x Reader (The Dark Side)
(A/N: HEYOOOO~!! So sorry I haven't witten a fanfic for ages! I had one request, it was a lemon and I got addicted to memes. So, this was a request from :iconSHanami1: , an extremely talented and supportive person. I wanted this to be finished as soon as possible for her. :)
Let us begin!
Me: O_O Yeah?
Nico: Can I say the intro?
Me: :shrug: Go ahead.
Nico: And let the dark Nico-ness commence!
Me: You are good! *ruffles his hair*)

Your P.O.V:
Slowly, you advance towards the griffin, your Celestial bronze daggers glistening with malice. "I'm giving you one last chance, you overgrown chicken." You spit. "Leave, and I'll consider not turning you into a smoking heap of golden dust."
The half lion, half eagle monster raises an eyebrow, then strikes. Easily, you roll to the left, narrowly miss
:iconpoppyfields145:PoppyFields145 239 80
Darkness's Hidden Side-Nico di Angelo
Nico might seem OCC
Being the daughter of Thanatos, you knew any Hades children, including you best friend (Daughter of Hades), now let us start our story shall we.
Reader P.o.v
"(Y/N)!" I heard someone scream then felt weight on my back, I luckily didn't fall down, I glared at (Daughter of Hades) as she jumped off my back. "Must you always do that?" I asked she nodded. "Come on (Y/n) it's Halloween, be happy it's your favorite holiday." "And that was the reason I didn't throw you off me." I told her.
"So about my brother." (Daughter of Hades) started as we walked. "Don't even start this conversion again." I told her. "Fine fine." "Now don't you have stuff to be doing?" I asked her, she looked confused at first then she smiled. "Totally forgot, thanks (Y/N) and stop covering your eyes with your bangs." she said before running off, I rolled my eyes before walking to the Strawberry Fields.
As I was lying down on the grassy field under the darkness of the
:iconanimedragongirl1576:animedragongirl1576 101 12
Nico di Angelo x Reader (Cold Hands)
(A/N: Crappy title, I know, but when have I ever come up with an awesome title?
Anyways, this was a request from :iconmadelinesaywhat: , a lovely human being. =3
I didn't really know what to do, so I tried to find inspiration in everyday life. And, I did.

Your P.O.V:
Recently, Nico di Angelo - a close friend of yours - had caught a cold. Thinking about it, you wonder how Shadow Boy even knew about colds. So, to help him recover, you had decided to go to his cabin, having a bag loaded with stuff for a fun-filled night, and cheer him up. Your father is Poseidon, so you're Percy Jackson's half-sister. Younger half-sister. He doesn't really have experience with sisters, but you love him anyway. Although he's a little overprotective, he's still sweet and caring.
Right now, he's allowed you to spend the night in the Hades cab
:iconpoppyfields145:PoppyFields145 175 22
.: Primadonna - Page 20 :. by MissArtBlock .: Primadonna - Page 20 :. :iconmissartblock:MissArtBlock 22 12 FeralHeart Eye Textures by Wingsndingo FeralHeart Eye Textures :iconwingsndingo:Wingsndingo 353 47
Jason Grace x Reader (Confessions)
(A/N: Hiya, my dearies~! Here we are with another Percy Jackson oneshot. This had begged for existence as there were only two other Jason Grace reader inserts. Here they are: [link] and [link]
What the Hades is up with that?
Wow! My first time with Camp Jupiter. MAKE WAY TO THE ONLY CHILD OF HECATE, PEASANTS!!
Octivian: Back off, puny Greek.
Me: *levitates large flaming truck* You wanna go there, useless Roman?
Octivian: *gulp* Nu-uh! *backs off*
Anyways, let's just read this!)

Your P.O.V:
Emilie unsheathes her dagger, Catopris. The pit scorpion, large and hissing-mad, strikes, but you're ready by easily stabbing at it with your Styg
:iconpoppyfields145:PoppyFields145 59 415
Cool Kids... by Mizu-no-Akira Cool Kids... :iconmizu-no-akira:Mizu-no-Akira 1,955 152 If one day.. by Zophrenia If one day.. :iconzophrenia:Zophrenia 125 26 Foxy V.S. Freddy by Koili Foxy V.S. Freddy :iconkoili:Koili 1,003 396
Hah, He are some of my Favourite deviations!
1. If you are the creator of one of these deviations:
Congratz for getting on my favourites list!



:iconphuckerrs: :iconakreon: :iconsinister-jordex: :iconrossali: :iconfllutter: :icontheflamingtruth: :iconkuvshinov-ilya: :iconbasketball-idiots: :icontotal-fandom-trash: :iconsxetcher: :iconwhoviansunite9: :iconjealousmilk: :iconiilittlemonsterii: :iconholypotato101: :iconmossasaurus: :iconkawoie: :iconvvulfy: :iconsilverwindcafe:


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hey my name is hina and im straight for togami

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If someone tells you to play a game titled "Blue Whale Challenge": DO. NOT. DO. IT.
It's an app and when you get it, the people steal all your information because they can go through your phone and you cannot get rid of the app. If you attempt to leave or refuse the dares, you and your family are threatened. If you forget a day to do one of the challenges, people are sent after you (the same as when you refuse to do a challenge regularly).
Though most people already know this is messed up and won't do it, some people are vulnerable (such as teens who are already depressed/suicidal).
You cannot find the app on the App Store regularly because the game's link must be sent to you. It can be commonly found on a Russian website called VK, known as the Russian version of Facebook. However, please do not go looking for the link.
It has 50 challenges and these challenges vary in cutting yourself then taking pictures of the cuts and sending them to an admin, overcoming your fear, walking on the roof of buildings and standing there, waking at unsual times to watch videos and music sent to you by the admins, and the last challenge is to literally kill yourself.
The game was created in Russia and it's known to have already spread to the United Kingdom (England/Britian), North America (USA & Canada), South America (Mexico), and France.
There are already reports of more than 130 dead teengers in Russia and this game is responsible for the deaths. There are more deaths in other countries.
If you search images of "Blue Whale Challenge" you get pictures of people's cuts. Please do not search images.
We understand you may be curious, but this is a real and serious game responsible for the death of over 100 teens. Please act responsible on the internet. If someone sends you a message asking if you want to play a game, please report and block the account immediately. Reporting them to police is always a good option.
Please do not search the title "Blue Whale Challenge" unprotected, either. The admins can possibly find your IP this way.
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