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So this is my personal opinion about Angela Merkel.
She is the leading politician in Germany.
I don´t want to say that she is all bad, there are truly worse in other countries.
But to me she does not work for us, the working folks in Germany.
The things she seems to be mostly concerned about is the reputation of Germany compared to other nations within the EU or global.
But the truth and I talked about that with other people from other countries lately) is that the folk of Germany seems to split more and more in two parts, poor and rich and guess most people drift into the poor sector.
While Angela Merkel says things like 'Germany keeps well' and other things that we have so less job-less people these days compared to some years ago, that they do everything for us that we can find jobs easier and make it better, I personally don´t see how it gets better. I see more and more companies go insolvent, who can´t educate because it does cost and how more and more low-pay jobs pop out of the blue because none wants to pay a fair price for a good worker anymore. This MUST stop!
All those companies who have low-pay jobs sell their workers to big wellknown companies like Amazon, Mercedes and others because it is LEGAL. But it shouldn´t! The big companies now don´t get workers on their own, working for them, no. They go to those smaller assistant-offering companies and 'rent' these workers for a lazy buck.
One example:
There is a packer working for Amazon. He works 50 hours per week and gets 10€ the hour.
Amazon itself only has a few of those workers working for them directly because they are expensive in their eyes. So they go to a company and rent more people.
The worker, coming from that company now does exactly THE SAME WORK as the other worker does. He works only 30 hours a week which is now a half-time job and not a full-time job anymore. Why? Because the company only offers these jobs. They save money with that.
That person now does only get 6 - 7€ per hour, if not less!
This happens more and more and it actually is a crime at the folks. If you go against it or rant about it, you get fired. Most people fear about getting fired because it is not easy to find a better job and the social institution who maybe stock the rest of the money you need to survive rant about you why you opened your mouth when you knew you would lose your job.
While things like that happen everywhere here in Germany and many people are treated like crap and threatened like slaves within a social state, our politicians mostly close their eyes about that conditions and don´t do anything!

For more info, please read here:………
This are only a very few sites I could find so far, I am sure there are tons more who say the same. They say what I am living in, so when Angela Merkel says, Germany is well, then she does not mean most of us living here.
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