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Major Makeover Kit



Single use consumable that allows you to edit the design and/or the lines of your stryx that you otherwise can't do at 75 AP.

  • The Stryx must have at least 75AP before this kit can be used.
  • For more information and examples regarding the abilities of a Minor Makeover Kit, head on over to the Makeover Kits guide.

Major Makeover Kits Cannot:
- Change the breed of an Import.
- Change the sex of an Import.

More info:
- You do not need a kit to change an Import's Background or Biorhythm.
- Tails cannot be edited before 75 AP.
- Only non-passable mutations can be edited upon submission to Approvals.
- You do not need a kit to add breath art to an Import.

Bauble Price: 5000

Bauble Resell Value: 1500


Token Price: 12 Tokens

Token Resell Value: N/A


Purchase via The Bauble Boutique or The Token Tavern.

Art by lightningspam
FOR DracoStryx USE ONLY!
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Do you need a minor or major kit to add Seraph?