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Major Makeover Kit

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One use item: 
Allows for additions and removals of markings and mutations. It can also be used to make edits.

The Stryx must have at least 75AP before this kit can be used.

For more information and examples regarding the abilities of a Major Makeover Kit, head on over to the Makeover Kits guide.

Major Makeover Kits Cannot:
- Change the breed of an Import.
- Change the sex of an Import.

More info:
- You do not need a kit to change an Import's Background or Biorhythm.
- Tails cannot be edited before 75 AP.
- Only non-passable mutations can be edited upon submission to Approvals.
- You do not need a kit to add breath art to an Import.

Purchase via The Bauble Boutique or The Token Tavern. To use this item, go to the latest Stryx Salon journal. 

Sell Value: 1500 Baubles

Art by lightningspam
FOR DracoStryx USE ONLY!
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Do you need a minor or major kit to add Seraph?