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Diamond Galaxy

Just a new shining spiral galaxy.
The stars became so bright that the galaxy seems to be full of diamonds. :)

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this is... just... incredible <3

Im really itno space at the moment so this inspires me :3
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this really does look so darn good :thumbsup:
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Thank you really very much! :)
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you're most welcome :)
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thiz AWESOME , great colors
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What did you use to make this :D:D
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Only Photoshop and its fuzzy brushes. :)
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this reminds me of the galaxy on Spore
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oops it posted when before i finished
anyway, nicely done though it would have looked better if the arms were equalt spread out around the center instead of comming out on one side
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good galaxy
i really like the "arms"
in some parts i see some blur.
maybe add some dark areas could help to add more depth.
The center is a little strange
maybe add more with could make it more shiny

stars are very nice
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olele :O neveroqtno e! cqlata ti galeriq e izumitelna!!! :D :omfg: :deviation:
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Много благодаря! :hug:
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Това е снимка нали? Страшно е красива!
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За съжаление не е снимка, иначе нямаше да се мъча да рисувам толкова много звезди! :)))
forest-goddess's avatar
OwO То ако е рисувано е още по-невероятно!
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:iconhappyhappyplz: How do you get the nebula-looking parts..the spiral's arms to glow so bright and look like actual clouds? O: I was inspired by you to make some space artz on Photoshop (I'll show you in the future) and I can't really make super-thick bright clouds. does it take a lot of layers at different opacity levels?
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Yes, the nebula-looking parts are the most difficult for me to make them look real. I use fuzzy brushes with different opacity levels, colours and mode. The same brushes I use to make the "dark matter" when the spiral arms are ready.
The layers are too many, I haven't counted them. They also have different levels of opacity and mode but some parts of the clouds are glowing only because of the stars I added there.
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Ah. so you use the same brush and color black, or erase parts of the galaxy to make the arms? which do you think has a better effect? :P

You mean LOTS of layers!? O: I should try making more.. I only use about five. =p and I see what you mean about stars making the clouds glow (I've done that, too).
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