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[REF] - Eventide, the Lord of the Ocean ~

Back from my 3 days holidays, i joined a contest before leaving. Raven's contest to win a quilldog. It was a writing contest. Since i lost the contest, i decided to make my OWN design for Eventide, to complete the legend i wrote before.

Important: I noted and asked MischievousRaven if i was allowed to use this design inspired from her quilldog, and she accepted! I don't want to see any comment with a "copy" thingy inside. I tried my best to add my own parts to my design, so i would love everyone to respect that, and know that Mischy saw my design and accepted it to be official for me ^^

Every part is important in this design, the lil quills are from a fish, the coral, well, from corals XD, the light balls at his back, from fishes from the abyss, and same for every glowing part/marking! He also has dragon front paws, scales, fins, and a lot of fur. All the blue glowing dots (neck/tail) are bioluminescent plants he uses for energy.

Here you can read the legend i wrote for the contest, i edited it a lot to delete every part mentionning a quilldog, since Eventide is a dragon/wolf/aquamarine creature:

This story is really important for me, as i wanted a character like that for many years. I was able to finally make it x)

Design (c) AlphaRose
Inspiration MischievousRaven (pinging you only this time <3 thanks again)
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omg so coooooooool
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je l'aime ptn je suis tentée de le dessiner mais je vais avoir un peu de mal à prendre les couleurs :')
dis, je sais que tu joues quasiment plus à FH mais tu pense refaire ta map sous l'eau un jour ou pas? o: ça serait ptn de cool pour un RP avec Eventide owo
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et faire Eventide en preset c'est impossible louloute XDDDDD
Trop de détails + trop d'éléments qu'on ne pourra pas rajouter, comme le corail et tout :x
concernant la map, je pense pas la refaire car je suis vraiment sortie de FH. Les seuls rp se feront uniquement par messages discord ; w ;

C'est sur qu'il faut prendre son temps pour le dessiner XDDD Je te conseille d'utiliser le pinceau pour les différentes couleurs, et le crayon pour toutes les petites lumieres. Toutes les couleurs claires sont en luminosité
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Le faire en preset serait possible si on avait les items jpp
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