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[ P ] - Inner Peace ~

Featuring my character Seiun - Tsuku no Ryu. Personal Project of mine and background/Landscape practice.


Art (c) AlphaRose
Seiun (c) AlphaRose

do not trace/copy/reupload/say that you made the art/steal. Thank you !


I'm on ArtFight this year again ! This time, I will try to do as many revenges as I can ! I also do friendly fires, feel free to attack me <3

See you there !
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© 2021 AlphaRose24
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Seiun’s beauty is tugging my heartstrings! Do I have permission to sit with this noodle? I’ll make sure to give him some gifts! :3

in all seriousness, I really love this piece of art, Rose! The lighting, the background, the water! Everything looks so peaceful! Amazing job as always!

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Feel free to sit close to him ! As long as you have good intentions, he will let you approach him.

Thank you very much <3

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Eeee! I’m definitely a candidate for approaching him!

And you’re welcome! ^w^

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Wow! It looks incredible * Q *

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aww I'm so glad to see a comment from you <3 Thank you so much my dear ! You made my day !

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Sooooo pretty oml~

The background and lighting are incredible, hun!

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Thank you very much <3 I'm so glad you think so !

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