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[F] - You won't be Forgotten... ~


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A fanart of the Warrior of Light, in FFXIV <3
No more information on this art piece because I don't want to give spoilers to our new warriors <3 But those who knows... will never forget ~
This game is so deep, so incredible, and this is my forever favourite story. Thank you Final Fantasy <3

Art (c) AlphaRose
WoL (c) SquareEnix
FFXIV (c) SquareEnix

Do not copy, edit, retrace, repost without permission, claim it as your own, heavily reference, thank you. If shared, please credit me for the artwork.
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© 2021 - 2022 AlphaRose24
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As said before on Discord.

This picture is just gorgeous. I just have no better words to describe this wonderful piece better! :love:

And well, even if I never played FF XIV I can guess what might happen.

This is indeed a beautiful picture you did Rose! ^^ ♥

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Thank you very much for your kind words and the emerald badge <3

It means a lot to me and I'm so glad you can get the feels too, even if you're not a FF14 player <3

Azurelly's avatar

You're very welcome! :aww:

I'm a like-minded fellow. And even if not, then I have a good imagination to preceive the feeling behind the picture ^^

(and btw, many thanks as well for watching me. I feel flattered) :'D

AlphaRose24's avatar

Thank you, I'm glad you have a good imagination :p

(no problem, you deserve way more than a single watch from me actually, I can't get over how beautiful your art is <3)