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[C] - Forest Spirit ~


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A commission work for the dear SayukiHikaru !
Thank you so much for commissionning me ! <3

I hope you like it !

Art (c) AlphaRose
OC (c) SayukiHikaru

Do not copy/trace/reupload/Say you made the art, thank you !
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Thank you once again for this wonderful commission. I'm still completely blown away by the finished picture. <3

Everything shines so beautifully, the air is full of sparkling light particles and the sky is a sea of ​​shining stars and distant nebulae. The whole scene is magical, full of untamed energy and wonder. I can almost feel the mild wind and hear it whispering through the grass. The whole place looks as if it wasn't from this world, but as if it had come into contact with something divine. The two lamps only intensify this effect and I love how they radiate their warm glow and how beautifully exotic they look. <3

My character, on the other hand, looks incredibly elegant in your style and the additional accessories and lights that you have drawn for him, make him look even more sublime and majestic. It looks so great how you've captured the shimmer of his silvery fur and how his gaze seems to lose itself in infinity. I think he would really enjoy exploring this place and all its mysteries. 😊

The longer I look at the picture, the more details I notice. The rainbow halo around the floating ball of light looks incredibly well, just as the texture of the stones and the great pose of my character. His shoulder fur looks really soft and fluffy and I especially love the way the long fur on his neck flows through the air behind him.

The picture is really eye-catching and I am more than happy with the finished drawing. Thanks you 😊

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Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful comment <3 I'm so glad you like it and I loved to work on this character, he is such an inspiration ! I can totally imagine the same things at you, and I'm so happy you can dream of a new world just by looking at this art piece !

My style is based on the lights and mystical enery, and thats why it looks so special with your character, it inspired me a lot <3

It made my day, thank you once again for being such a nice person ! <3

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Outstanding. I really would love to commission you one day. :heart:

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Thank you very much ! <3

I'm planning to open my commissions this summer !