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Ajalkin Tribute - Floating in a sea of stars ~

Character  Nereida ~Location  In the sea of the Universe
Featuring Nereide/Nereida, my main Ajalkin, floating in a sea of light and stars, thinking about his loss.


More seriously, this art is an Ajalkin Tribute. As you maybe know, this species closed some weeks ago, and I felt really sad to see everyone voiding their Ajals to turn them into normal characters. My Ajalkins were too detailed, too well developped for me to void them. It was impossible. I couldn't do it, so I kept my ajalkins as they were before. And I don't care, even if the species closed, I will continue to draw them, to work on their background, story as personal work.

If you see this message, Spirit, everyone who worked in the Ajalkin species, thank you. I felt really happy to be able to be a part of this nice community, and if the species reopens someday, you can be sure of that, i'll be there. I will be waiting for you all to come back. ~


After all my exams, I needed to draw something personal, without stress, because i'm waiting my university results, and I feel tired and bad at the moment.
I only have 2 owed art to do, and I will do them, don't worry, but give me time, because, added to my stress because of the results waiting, I have a serious health problem, and hospital is waiting for me. Consider that, thank you, don't worry I didn't forget you <3


WICKS Count:

Shaded: 30
Fullbody: 10
Background: 15
= 55

I hope you like it ~

Art (c) AlphaRose24
Nereida (c) AlphaRose24
Ajalkin species (c) Spirit2quil
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Ooow I didn't know the species closed :(

I'm so sorry for that!

I would prefer to keep them as they are too. It doesn't matter if the species aren't open anymore, you are the one who makes the character the way it is, and so you still can draw them as they were originally thought.

This is such a beautiful and atmospheric master piece! Can somebody give this a Daily Deviation award, please?

The composition, the drawing, the colour balance... everything is to die for! <3

AlphaRose24's avatar

Okay Zauri you made me cry and you made my day <333

Ilysm so much omg, thank you for this wonderful comment !!! <3

Yeaaa, when I heard that the species was closing in one month, I just couldn't force myself to void my ajalkins, to delete every species part of their design etc. It wouldn't be the same, my characters were unique that way, I couldn't change them.

Daily Deviation would be a dream haha, but I'm not good enough for it ^^'

But thank you so much <333 I worked so damn hard on this artwork, because I felt I needed to <3

StarryKn1ght's avatar

Rose this is so beautiful!!! This warms my heart!!

It's still shocking to me that the group is closed, but here's to hoping Ajalkins will rise again!!

AlphaRose24's avatar

Hey there ! <3

Thank you so much, your comment made my day ! <333

It's still shocking to me too, but it happened, sadly, and now we have to move forward. I will continue to develop my ajalkins as they are a part of me now. Nereidea is my symbol, and this art is really for every member of the community, to remind everyone that the species isn't completely dead, because we remember it and some people refused to transfer/void they ajals.

I will wait and continue to hope that the ajalkins can come back ! And if not, anyway, I will keep all my ajals and draw them again and again ~

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beautiful as always OwO

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