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Conductor: Tickets please! Tickets!

Ash and Serena and everyone  else had been interrupted by the conductor who was demanding tickets. He then went up to Ash and Serena. Ash tried to explain they had no tickets. But before he could the conductor said

Conductor: Try your pockets!

Serena looked in her right robe pocket to find nothing while ash's right robe pocket had a hole in

Conductor: Then try your other pockets.

They then both reached for their left robe pockets only to find a golden ticket in each one of their robes upon getting them they gave them to the conductor

Conductor: Thank you both (punches tickets)

The conductor punched the tickets so they would spell out letters Ash and Serena's along with several other couples on the train got L AND E while Shizuo, Izaya, and L, got R, E. and Misa and Light got M,E. The rest were just random.

As soon as the conductor was done punching the tickets he went straight to the radio, he had an announcement to make.

Conductor: Your attention please for any couple wishing  to give a kiss the mistletoe  is now available do we have any volunteers?

At first there were no volunteers that is  until Ash and Serena raised their hands, they got up to the mistletoe at the end of the car, closed their eyes, leaned in and passionately kissed meanwhile underneath Dawn's Buneary kissed Ash's pikachu. Inspired Ichigo and Rukia did the same thing along with Annie and Eren, takashi and Saeko, and several others even Bonnie and Max much to Max's dismay. Once that was done. The conductor told everyone to take their seats. He had another announcement to make

Conductor: Your attention please are their any polar express passengers in need of refreshment?

Everyone raised their hands

Conductor: I thought so.

They had no idea what was coming out that door but everyone knew it was be awesome and delicious

To be continued
just a quickie sorry for weirdness of title had to do it to make room

Merry christmas!
tati611 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017
Beautiful. Just beautiful.
shadic4566 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2016   Digital Artist
Really like the mistletoe part of this. Amourshipping/Lagomorphshipping/Fourthwheelshipping moment.
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December 24, 2016


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