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Ash and Serena were sitting next to each other at the back seat of the train car. Of course they weren't in any ordinary train car for the train car belonged to the polar express. Which just what seemed like hours ago was right in front of them. While the majority of everyone was playing or goofing off People like clemont, max and Brock were reading books.

And not too long ago 3 more passengers arrived. The first person was wearing no shoes, wore a white-long sleeved shirt, had pale skin , and messy black hair He called himself L. The second person was a teenager not that older than brock, and apparently when he stepped on the train the girls couldn't help but say how hot he was, he was  tall, had light skin , brown eyes with a red complexion, and he had short brown hair. His name  was Light Yagami . The third and final passenger was very fashionable, had blone-brown hair, and was wearing a black dress, her  name was Misa Amane. In a few words L was weird, Light was reserved, and Misa was all over the place.

Ash and Serena were just sitting down. Or so it seemed  in reality they were cuddling right next to each other for the past few hours. Although the clock still said  11:40. In fact it had been 11:40 for quite some time. No one new why exactly Clemont who was the smartest of the bunch suggested that the polar express must have some type of  time  manipulation to make a single minute or two feel like hours.

But whatever the reason Ash and Serena just there loving each other. It was also some time that they found love each other. So they stood there loving each other. Like Romeo or Juliet. Just then the conductor just entered the car through the back door where Ash and Serena were near. The 2 greeted the conductor with ever-so polite gesture put they also notice a hammer and scissors. Curious Serena asked

Serena: Hey Mr.conductor what's with the scissors and hammer?

Conductor: Oh these i was simply hanging mistletoe just outside the car.

Ash and Serena were very excited for they got  to be able to kiss in front of everyone. But before they could go outside and do that at least according to the conductor the rest of the passengers had to board which meant more  pickups.

The next stop was  ikebukuro there they picked up 2 teenagers and 2 20-something year olds. The 20's men's names were Izaya and Shizuo they looked pretty scary. They sat next to L at the very front row . The teenagers  names were Anri and Mikado Anri wore glasses while Mikado looked a little pathetic but the passengers could tell he was much more than that. Anri and Mikado sat together. The next stop was karakura town. The passengers that boarded names were Ichigo and Rukia. Ichigo had Orange hair while Rukia she had black hair and they both had light skin. Izaya made fun of ichigo by calling him "strawberry" Ichigo nearly lost his temper trying to explain the true meaning of his name luckily Rukia held his hand and calmed him down.

The next stop was another one in the kanto region. Like last time they got a boy and a girl. The girl was wearing a green and white sailor school uniform her name was Saeko. The boy wore a military style school uniform and a red shirt his name was takashi and like Anri, Mikado, Ichido, and Rukia they sat together but  in the middle of the train car.

The next stop was Hogwarts school of witchcraft and  wizardry 3 teenagers  boarded. They were all about 13 years old their names were Harry Potter, Ron weasley, and Hermione granger. They all had light skin, Ron had red hair, Hermione had Brown hair, and  Harry's was black he also had a scar on his forehead in the shape of a lighting and also wore round glasses. They were pretty nice and they knew magic. Serena and Ash and every other trainer nearly lost  their heads as their pokemon only foor a  moment floated in the air then fell in the hands of their owners. What a relief. And what a school Leviosa was it? I don't know the pronunciation was a bit difficult to make out.

Finally the last was at a place called the walls. 2 teenagers hopped on board each of them wore similair uniforms. The first had tanned skin, green eyes, and brown hair. The second had light skin, had blonde hair which she wore in a bun, blue eyes and although both were considered pretty in appearance they looked rather angry about something what it was either they were or were not wanted to know. But nonetheless sat next to each other the boy Eren Yeager even allowed the  girl Annie Leonhardt  to go in front of him so she could see the window and if that wasn't nice they didn't know what was.

Meanwhile Ash and Serena the second the engine started they looked into their eyes, closed them, ready to kiss at any time until


To be continued
I own none of the mentioned anime or media 
tati611 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
Beautiful. If Max, Bonnie, Pikachu and Buneary are gonna kiss under the mistletoe later, my advice is to have the girls grab their partner's heads before laying their big smooches. Bonnie is a hyperactive and energetic little girl so she'd be excited to give Max a mistletoe kiss. And Buneary... let's face it, she's been wanting to kiss Pikachu nice and good since she met him right?
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