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The last thing Ash and Serena remembered  was  going through a black hole, saying their vows, and a passionate kiss. They kissed until they noticed they were on stable ground. The 2 immediatley seperated and looked around to see the villains giving what appeared to be a last stand aginst vision,thor, and iron man and to their surprise a charizard. The villain lost and was restrained. Ash and Serena's feelings were now  depressing not only did they miss the battle and were totally useless they feared the other super heroes would get  all the attention. Though they were superheroes and a  member of 2 elite  teams they weren't as  well among st the public but because of their young age found a small fan following of young people primarily teenagers and kids. But despite they were only second rate even though their groups acknowledged them and were great friends with all of them though they would never admit they were jealous of the attention they got.

But as they thought about the situation Ash/quicksilver noticed something on a tree nearby he went to look at  it it was a poster for 2 missing children that had been kindapped a month ago. Serena looked with Ash as they looked at the picture they realised the children missing were them. And that they were only gone for a month in their dimensions timeline which meant little to nothing had happened  while they were gone. But just as the battle cleared they heard voices of despair they turned around to see team tocket had stolen everyone's pokemon during the battle's cleariing including Ash/quicksilver and Serena/scarlet witch's pokemon. They saw their allies and the rivals,family members, and friends they left behind and random people chased after their balloon but were near exhausted and couldn't keep up. But luckily for them there were 2 more heroes  that were not exhausted that were ready to fight. As team rocket hovered over a grassfield Ash/quicksilver said to his battle partner and love of his life.

Ash: I've got a plan.  (whispers into Serena's  ear)

Serena: I like it now  let's go before that balloon leaves forever

Ash: Right!!

And with their powers jolted to team rocket's balloon.

Meanwhile team rocket felt absolutely invincible to them this was the biggest score of their lives and with all the twerps and heroes made a bold move to try and chase them even with their abilities they were no match for them. They had won. Or so they thought as 2 strange figures appeared on both sides of the balloon and kicked each side causing the Balloon to pop sending team rocket down to the ground. Not too far where everyone else was but the avengers told them to wait to see what happens.

As they got out of the basket they contimplated on the pain until they heard a strange noise that came from a tree then hit the ground

Jesse: Show yourself you cowards!!

Meowth: Yeah you'll get scratched!

James: Or even worse

As team rocket made their threats to the bushes in the distance everyone including a tv news crew was watching beside everyone for something to happen there was silence for a moment until voices came in a rather serious yet inspirational tone. But also got a glimpse of 2 people coming out of the bushes one wore a black dress and brown boots and a red jacket, had a perfect physique, light blue eyes, and long straight blood red hair. The other was slightly taller than his companion he wore a  dark blue long sleeved shirt, blue nike sneakers, long thin gym pants, he had a light tan to his skin,amber eyes, and slightly long white hair with traces of black, and a short black beard, and had quite the muscular  physique not nearly as big as thors' or captain america but definitley muscular. After taking a while to look at them the figures spoke.

Serena/scarlet witch: Prepare for trouble!

Ash/Quicksilver: And make that double!

Team rocket knew those lines it was their old motto and evn though they didn't use it anymore they were still furious that these whoever they were were mocking them. But as the figures spoke they walked towards team rocket a  little further and despite team rocket's furiosity Ash/quicksilver, and Serena/scarlet witch continued their unique version of the motto while everyone else watched in amazement

Serena/Scarlet witch: (in a serious tone and smiling)To protect the world from devastation!

Ash/quicksilver: To unite all people within our nation!

Serena/scarlet witch: To denounce the evils of hate and greed!

Ash/quicksilver: To extend our reach to those in need!

Serena/Scarlet witch: Scarlet witch!

Ash/ Quicksilver: Quicksilver!

Serena: Blasting the villains at the speed of light!

Ash: (points to team rocket) Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Furious team rocket faced their posers from afar with great anger

Jesse: Just who do you think you are?!

Serena/scarlet witch: Huh that's a hard one what do you say Quicksilver my love (Kisses Ash/quicksilver) (Ash/quicksilver blushed)

Ash: I say if you really wanna know (cracking his knuckles) why don't you come over here and find out.

Team rocket infuriated ran straight towards them only to discover they couldn't move and that Serena/scarlet witch's eyes were glowing red. She lifted them in the air a smudge then let go and team rocket fell down straight on their butts. Serena's/scarlet witch's eyes turned normal again and approached team rocket and said.

Serena/scarlet witch: Nice huh psychic powers.

But before team rocket could react in a blur they felt as if they had been punched a thousand times and a blur was all they could see after a few seconds the pain stopped only to see quikcislver/ash in front of them with Serena/scarlet witch to which he said

Ash/quicksilver:  You didn't see that coming eh? Pretty cool huh? Superhuman speed and strength

James: Ok we give!

Meowth: What do you want?

Jesse: Yes what is it?

Ash and Serena sat down on the ground, and scooted up a little looking in team rocket's eyes said.

Both ash/quicksilver and Serena/scarlet witch: Do you remember us?!

Ash and Serena are now home  and discover by their  home's time they have been gone one month but have unfinished business with the thieves of their past team rocket as the battle clears of smoke can our heroes recapture the pokemon stolen?
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tati611 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
Only a matter of time til the big reunion with the gang. Keep it up!
Stephona Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice way to start off their homecoming
ringsandamiss007 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016
Isn't Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch long lost siblings?
alphaman38 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 27, 2016
un no instead Ash and Serena become quicksilver and scarlet witch
ChipmunkRaccoonOz Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting way to deal with those Stupid Stooges.
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