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Ash/qucksilver and Serena/scarlet witch: Do you remember us?

That was the question they asked team rocket and which everyone else watching heard. And although they all felt the 2 looked familiar team rocket was at a loose end so answering honestly they said one at a time.

James: Uh uh

Jessie: Not a single thing

Meowth: Nope.

Ash/quicksilver: Alright then if you don't remember i'll tell you a story that will make you remember!

Meowth: Yeah right. (Ash pounds them into the earth leaving their heads popping them out of the ground. )

Jesse: What the?!

James: What is this?!

Ash: Oh did i forget i have control of the elements now unless you want your heads to go further into the ground you'll listen carefully

team rocket: ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT!

Ash: Anyways where was i oh yeah it all started in viridian city about a year or so by this dimension's standards my pikachu was getting treated at the pokemon center when all of a sudden you guys appeared wishing to take rare pokemon from the center at first you wanted nothing to do with my pikachu but  after seeing his great power you followed me around the world trying to steal mine, my friends's and even any pokemon that caught your interest ever since!!

Team rocket: Huh!?

Meanwhile back in the ground familiar faces were contimplating the events that were right in front of them

Bonnie: Clemont what's he talking about

Clemont: I don't know but  it seems  awfully familiar

Misty: Viridian city where does that sound familiar?

In fact all of ash and Serena's former rivals and friends all knew they felt familiar.

Ash/quicksilver: And my hair wasn't always this white it used to be pitch black. And i was a  lot shorter then i carried a baseball cap on my head most if not all the  time and before i became a  superhero i had always dreamed of being a pokemon master but that was before my dream was cut short.

Serena/scarlet witch: And even before i stood by his side as his partner in fighting in crime  i stood by his side here in the  kalos region i had a dream of being Kalos queen. But like his dream my dream too was cut short. And my hair wasn't always red in fact it used to be light honey colored brown i used to wear my hair long but when i and him left it was cut short and i was somewhat more fashionable.

Now the crowd except the heroes knew exactly what they were talking about but didn't say a word and only watched as  they dealt with the thieves.

Team rocket knew that this was all familiar but just couldn't think of it that is until they took another look at these "heroes" a more closer look. And then it hit them these 2 very heroes were those twerps that disappeared.

Jessie: No way!

James: Impossible

Meowth: you're those brats!

James: W-what happened to you?!

Serena: I'm afraid that's a story for another time

They then using a combination of all powers sent team rocket from out of the ground and into the sky

Team rocket: We're blasting off again!

(meanwhile back in the crowd)

Captain america: (talking about team rocket) Does this happen a lot in your world?

Cilan: Yup

Dawn: Uh huh

Clemont: Almost every day

Captain America: I see ( looks at delia and grace )

Delia: My  little boy (looking at Ash)

Grace: My little girl ( looking at Serena)

Gary: is that really Ash?!

Iris: He looks so different

Clemont: So does Serena.

Max: What happened to them?

just then everyone else who knew Ash and Serena started to walk in their general direction despite the protests of the heroes to them getting answers from them seemed better than having to be told to stand back. but they stopped middway to take a look at what they were doing. They were  holding hands and looking at the sun as they sat down.

Serena/scarlet wicth: So we're  home

Ash/quicksilver: Yeah.

Serena/scarlet witch: So what do we do know.

ASH/quicksilver: Just go with the original plan just we'll do it here in our world.

Serena/Scarlet witch: But i was really looking forward to wakanda

Ash/quicksilver: Don't  worry whether wakanda or our world it doesn't matter  as long as we hold our wedding in our hearts it doesn't really  matter.

Serena/Scarlet witch: You know you're right. And besides just know how much i love you and i'm really glad that you're my fiance and you've really matured you're not that goofy kid i met at camp anymore and i wouldn't trade you for anyone else

Ash/quicksilver: Wow thanks that means a lot to me but what about everyone else how ware they gonna react when we tell them or show them.

Serena/scarlet witch: I think they already know

Ash: Huh? Why do you say that and (turns his head and sees everyone)their watching us great just great. And for just when i..(Serena touches Ash/quicksilver's cheek)

Serena: Don't worry about them Ash and besides your 19 and i'm 18 we're practically legal adults they can't stop us. And plus we have powers and the approval of the people  whose pokemon we saved. What i'm trying  to say is i love you and i don't care what they think.


Misty: Whaaattttt?!

Grace: Wedding?!

Delia: Fiance?!

May: Ash is getting married?

Max: Gross

Bonnie: AWWW how romantic.

Brock: Man i wish i had a girl.

Paul: Hey look!

(everyone turns to Ash and Serena)

Ash and Serena stared into each other's eyes happily for a few minutes before they stood up, closed their eyes leaned in, and kissed.Much to the other's surprise to deepen the kiss Serena/scarlet witch put her hands on his cheeks and Ash/quicksilver put his arms around her waist as for the kiss it was their best yet and they wouldn't break out for a long while and nothing would separate them that is until both of them on each side felt a slight nudge on their legs at first they ignored until it became so annoying that the moment was ruined but they kept on kissing until

Pikachu: PIKA

Sylveon: Sylveon

Ash/quicksilver: Not now pikachu. (resumes making out with Serena/scarlet witch)

Serena: Not now sylveon( resumes making out with Ash/quicksilver)


Both: Wait a minute (both turn around

Ash turned around to see pikachu in front of him

Pikachu: Pikachu? (ASH?)

Ash: Pikachu? (in disbelief)

Syleveon: Sylveon(Serena?)

Serena: Sylveon? (also in disbelief)

It was then that at that moment pikachu and sylveon both jumped  into the arms of their dearest trainers after so long they were licked in affection by both they then stood up with both pokemon in hand and kissed again this time they weren't the only ones kissing pikahcu and sylveon unintentionally kissed each other as well.

After a few minutes the 2 or 4 depending on how you look at it Ash and  Serena saw both their mothers, put Sylveon and Pikachu down to confront or  meet them

Serena looked at her mother and said "Mom?" Grace nodded and with happy tears they lovefully embraced with grace giving Ash a wink signalling taking care of her daughter. Though Ash's embrace with his mother was more silent it was just as lovingly and happy. After they let their mother's hugs go all at once every rival,friend, and pokemon they hugged/tackled them into the ground with Ash and Serena laughing hysterically it was good to be home.

Thor: This causes for celebration!

Captain:Yeah let's get some lunch to celebrate

Iron man: Don't worry check's on me.

And with that they were off to lunch. But as they did greedy ambitious eyes looked on at the changed Ash and serena and with that the man watching pulled out a radio and said

Team flare grunt: this is delta 4 i have found the subjects i repeat i have found the subjects

meanwhile in team flare headquarters

Lysandre: Finally (laughs hysterically)

To be continued
Ash/quicksilver and Serena/scarlet witch have just knocked down team rocket's balloon and have asked them who they are but  little does team rocket and everyone else know the 2 are familiar than they know
mechazard01 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016
Nice, I was wondering what happened to thier Pokemon, but I can't help but feel some form of nostalgia from reading this.
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Great work!
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