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The mysterious hooded character preview
Miette: Oh no!
Serena: Woo-hoo!
Serena had done it she had beaten Miette for Ash's hand in love. For just 3 hours ago Serena confessed her love for Ash unfortunately so did Miette, arguing over who should have him. Ash couldn't decide right away so Clemont recommended a battle. Despite Serena's doubts she won and it looked she would Ash's girlfriend until
Stranger: STOP!!!!
Serena and Miette fell to their butts in shock over the sudden noise.
Serena: Hey who said .... that?
All of a sudden a tall man wearing a black hoodie, Dark jeans, Blue sneaker, and carrying a green backpack stepped onto the playing field. As Miette stood up the man approached and gave her a beauty products sales coupon as a bribe
Stranger: This battle never happened got it? Just take this and walk away.
Miette: Where did you get these coupons?
Stranger: It doesn't matter where i got them just as long as you stay away from Ash ketchum they're yours kapeesh?
Miette smugged a smile and took the coupons
Serena: Hey wh
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Marvel pokemon crossover ch.4
It had only been a few hours since Ash/quicksilver and Serena/Scarlet witch had rescued the pokemon from Team rockets clutches and reunited with their pokemon, friends, and family but after a few hours Ash/quicksilver and Serena/Scarlet witch had gotten a little hungry and plus because they were engaged they had the right for some alone time. As Ash/quicksilver bit into his bacon cheeseburger he took some time to look at his fiancee's blood red hair and light blue eyes. Upon Noticing this Serena/scarlet witch stared into Ash/quicksilver's eyes and put her hand under her chin and smiled Ash/quicksilver just smiled back it was then that she closed her eyes, puckered up her lips and attempted to kiss him. Ash/quicksilver closed his eyes, puckered up and about to embrace the kiss when all of a sudden.
Reporter: Um excuse me?
Ash/quicksilver and Serena/scarlet witch froze and stopped right in their tracks only to discover it was just a news reporter and her cameraman. Though a little disapp
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Legend of Korra book 3 titans ch.4
Eren couldn't believe his mom was alive. Not only that she was Raava(in human form). Now it was clear everyone had questions but Eren knew better than to greet his long thought dead mother. Eren tried to hug her but clearly there was no need for that as she hugged him first. After a while Raava seperated from her son(Eren) she knew better than to embarrass her son in front of his "new" friends. Or his fiancee. Just then Eren began to say something
Eren: I love you mom i missed you
Raava: I missed you too eren.
Eren: So why did you come out of Korra?
Raava: Well i just wanted to see me my little boy again all grown up and his beautiful fiancee Annie is it?
Annie Nodded.
Just as She let go of Eren she appraoched Annie
Raava: Annie?
Annie: Yes ma'am?
It was then that Raava approached Annie and touched her shoulder.
Raava: Take care of Eren for me OK?
Annie: I'll do my best.
Raava: I know you will. Well i've gotta go back to Korra. Oh and uh if you have a question for me just ask Korra
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chapter 1 day of the dino part 1 aot power rangers
Meanwhile on an island fortress far away from the walls. A dark entity sat on a throne-like chair.
Mesogog: Zeltrax!!
Spoke and questioned a voice so dark, so raspy, so intimidating it sent shivers down the spines of whoever listened to it. As the one known as mesogog the one who sat on the throne, the owner of the voice called one of his servants/generals. The ruthless, loyal, warmonger Zeltrax. Though less scary than his master Zeltrax was just as if not more of a warmonger than his master. But nonetheless his master called for him, questioned him and like any good servant would. He replied with a voice of upmost loyalty
Zeltrax: Yes master? You called for me?
And as he replied his master spoke and gave an order
Mesogog: Send the tyrannodrones to search for the dino gems
Zeltraz: The Tyrannodrones are already searching the planet for them as we speak my lord
As mesogog spoke with optimish he called in his other general/servant Elsa(not the one from frozen
Elsa: Yes
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 1 0
The polar expresscrossover part2 tickets+mistletoe
Conductor: Tickets please! Tickets!
Ash and Serena and everyone  else had been interrupted by the conductor who was demanding tickets. He then went up to Ash and Serena. Ash tried to explain they had no tickets. But before he could the conductor said
Conductor: Try your pockets!
Serena looked in her right robe pocket to find nothing while ash's right robe pocket had a hole in
Conductor: Then try your other pockets.
They then both reached for their left robe pockets only to find a golden ticket in each one of their robes upon getting them they gave them to the conductor
Conductor: Thank you both (punches tickets)
The conductor punched the tickets so they would spell out letters Ash and Serena's along with several other couples on the train got L AND E while Shizuo, Izaya, and L, got R, E. and Misa and Light got M,E. The rest were just random.
As soon as the conductor was done punching the tickets he went straight to the radio, he had an announcement to make.
Conductor: Your att
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The polar express crossover part 1 pickup 2
Ash and Serena were sitting next to each other at the back seat of the train car. Of course they weren't in any ordinary train car for the train car belonged to the polar express. Which just what seemed like hours ago was right in front of them. While the majority of everyone was playing or goofing off People like clemont, max and Brock were reading books.
And not too long ago 3 more passengers arrived. The first person was wearing no shoes, wore a white-long sleeved shirt, had pale skin , and messy black hair He called himself L. The second person was a teenager not that older than brock, and apparently when he stepped on the train the girls couldn't help but say how hot he was, he was  tall, had light skin , brown eyes with a red complexion, and he had short brown hair. His name  was Light Yagami . The third and final passenger was very fashionable, had blone-brown hair, and was wearing a black dress, her  name was Misa Amane. In a few words L was weird, Light was rese
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 3 2
The polar express crossover part 1 pickup 1
It was nighttime and not just any nighttime it was christmas eve and every kid in the neighborhood. Ash, Serena, Clemont and his sister Bonnie, May and her brother max, Brock, Gary oak, misty, dawn, iris, Cilan, Paul, drew, everyone was in their beds. And for once everyone wasn't rustling their sheets and even breathed slowly and silently and each and every one of them was listening for the one sound they thought they would never hear the ringing bells of Santa's sleigh. Ash just kept listening to the ticking of his alarm clock he opened his eye for a moment to check the time it was 11:40.
Meanwhile at Serena's it was the same both of them then closed their eyes for a moment only to discover that their clocks stopped. But before they could react they began to a loud rumbling noise. It was enough shaking power to get Ash's pikachu and Serena's fennekin to fall off the bed and soon Ash and Serena fell to the ground themselves but they had not time to agonize the pain for soon they saw fl
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Announcement: Possible rewrite of certain fanfic
Hey everyone just here with a quick announcement i may rewrite into the reaper's eyes for these reasons
The following changes
1.) the original plot doesn't fit up with me anymore for some reason don't ask me why it just does
2.) this new story seems to make more sense
3.) This new story deals with Ash's biological father and Ash's relationship with him
4.) Relax amourshippers Raven is not crazy for Ash in fact the only reason she comes is because he's improving as a pokemon trainer. And Raven is actually forgive for spoilers but Ash's older, competitive, Angry, anti-social  stepsister and is also the daughter of cynthia(Whom Ash's dad had a previous relationship with) and she has plans of Taking Cynthia's place as Sinnoh champion.
5.) She hates Ash and blames Ash's mother for their father's death
6.) The story takes place 7 years after XY and every character is either a teenager or an adult(like brock)
7.) Ash and Raven's father is revealed to be Kurt Ketchum who was at point the
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Legend of Korra book 3 titans ch.3
Eren and Annie were walking on the sidewalk near republic city park they had just escaped an attack on their own lives. But their attacker wasn't an ordinary one in fact it was Eren's friend from the past Mikasa Ackerman. Just a few minutes they were an ordinary picnic date to celebrate their engagement until they heard the sound of a blade being drawn Annie looked behind only to see mikasa attempt to kill her with one of the blades of her 3d manuever gear. Using their airbending skills both Annie and Eren swiftly dodged her attacks.
And with the speed of sound Eren grabbed Annie's hand and ran out of the park. But just as they ran Eren looked back most curiosly for a moment to see Mikasa. In the instant he saw her she threw her blades onto the ground and in a most frustrated and angry tone yelled "NO!" she then looked back at Eren this time she looked sad but as to what she was sad about Eren and Annie were drawing blanks at the situation. As they walked they discussed what had just h
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 2 17
Legend of Korra book 3 titans ch.2
Mikasa was on edge hell everyone was on edge as they saw Annie the female titan (now an airbender) take off on her glider. Now that she was in the air everyone's hair stood on end as the silence continued until Mikasa noticed her taking a right right into the park where the other soldiers were. And as she descended towards the park Mikasa knowing she was unknowingly walking into a trap answered jeans question.
Jean: Hello Earth to Mikasa?!
Mikasa: Let's follow her! (Mikasa runs to the park)
Jean: Um okay (jean and everyone else follows)
As they entered the park Armin was already skeptical
Armin: Mikasa are you insane! She could transform at any moment if she sees us!
Mikasa: Armin i know what i'm doing!
Ymir: Are you sure? Cuz i think you have absolutely have no brain? Hell the only brain you did have was the one that went all googly  eyes for Eren!!
(Mikasa punches Ymir)
AS everyone watched Ymir getting punched by Mikasa. Mikasa walked towards Ymir then grabbed her by her jacket,
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 2 18
Legend of Korra book 3 titans ch.1 epilogue
Shortly after arriving in republic city Tenzin shows the new airbenders Air temple island their new home. Tenzin and team avatar waste no time  training the new airbenders. And they improve drastically. Han (now Korra's boyfriend) especially. Except Eren and Annie who become the laughing stock of the island seeing them training reminds  Korra of her early days and decides to spirtitually  help them. With the help of Jinora and tenzin they help Eren and Annie unlock their chakras which although emotionally painful they succeed and upon doing so their training not only improves but they make airbending history by becoming masters within 3 months of training and also become the first airbending masters to not accept airbending tattoos. Varrick seeing their skills makes them actors in his films to which they become big movie stars and  achieve bruce lee like status. But despite their fame and status as celebrities they maintain a simple life and use their money for char
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Marvel pokemon crossover ch.3
Ash/qucksilver and Serena/scarlet witch: Do you remember us?
That was the question they asked team rocket and which everyone else watching heard. And although they all felt the 2 looked familiar team rocket was at a loose end so answering honestly they said one at a time.
James: Uh uh
Jessie: Not a single thing
Meowth: Nope.
Ash/quicksilver: Alright then if you don't remember i'll tell you a story that will make you remember!
Meowth: Yeah right. (Ash pounds them into the earth leaving their heads popping them out of the ground. )
Jesse: What the?!
James: What is this?!
Ash: Oh did i forget i have control of the elements now unless you want your heads to go further into the ground you'll listen carefully
team rocket: ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT!
Ash: Anyways where was i oh yeah it all started in viridian city about a year or so by this dimension's standards my pikachu was getting treated at the pokemon center when all of a sudden you guys appeared wishing to take rare pokemon from the center at
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 7 3
Mavel pokemon crossover ch.2
The last thing Ash and Serena remembered  was  going through a black hole, saying their vows, and a passionate kiss. They kissed until they noticed they were on stable ground. The 2 immediatley seperated and looked around to see the villains giving what appeared to be a last stand aginst vision,thor, and iron man and to their surprise a charizard. The villain lost and was restrained. Ash and Serena's feelings were now  depressing not only did they miss the battle and were totally useless they feared the other super heroes would get  all the attention. Though they were superheroes and a  member of 2 elite  teams they weren't as  well among st the public but because of their young age found a small fan following of young people primarily teenagers and kids. But despite they were only second rate even though their groups acknowledged them and were great friends with all of them though they would never admit they were jealous of the attention they got.
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 4 5
Legend of Korra Book 3: Titans Ch.1
Now I bet you’re all wondering how did this happen? How did the survey corps end up in republic city? And furthermore how did Annie become and airbender and escaped her crystal prison. All will soon be revealed. But first some backstory to this.
It all started when team avatar visited the earth queen they were in search of new airbenders and had discovered and brought in quite a few including Kai(who jinora had a crush on). And Han whom Mako and Bolin had accidentally discovered while meeting their family in Ba sing se and had a took quite an interest in Korra. They were out looking for more but suddenly out of the blue the earth queen invinted them all to a party and they were to leave immediately. But whn they arrived they didn’ expect this all the world’s greatest businessmen, and all world leaders were there including Korra’s parents , Desna and eska, Zuko and her daughter the firelady, even katara and tenzin’s siblings bumi and kya evn the rest of ten
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Marvel pokemon crossover ch.1
Ash/Quicksilver and Serena/scarlet witch had just arrived at the site of for every villain known to their world and out and joined forces with Loki to take all the good guys down And had formed in a triangular position ready to strike in response the x-men, Avengers and all the other heroes (including Ash/quicksilver and Serena/scarlet witch) had arrived to join the forces of good and right on time Captain america(steve rogers) was just about to give the order to charge. As the good guys formed  their  own position in preparing for their own strike Ash/quicksilver held Serena's/Scarlet witch's hand and she held  his cheek. Ever since Ash's/quicksilver's death and later Resurrection by doctor strange. And when Serena scarlet witch nearly lost control of  her  powers and the two's recent engagement the 2 decided from that point they would stick together in a fight. The 2 stared into each others though their mutation changed their hair their eyes still remained th
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 4 3
Mavel pokemon crossover prologue
It was the biggest battle of Ash and Serena's life but this time they wouldn't have their pokemon. In fact for the past 7 years they didn't fight with pokemon at all. Instead they fought with superhuman powers which they had possessed the past 7 years. Ash had superhuman speed(his top speed at 95 miles per millisecond) but also superhuman strength and intelligence and even the power to control the elements(a gift by doctor strange after he had resurrected him). Serena had telekinesis, telepathy, could manipulate and destroy object by sheer willpower, as well as flight. But not only did they have powers their bodies had changed as well.
Ash was now 19 and about to be 20. Serena was 18 and going to be 19. Serena's hair once honey brown was now blood red, Ash's hair once pitch black was now white which had small traces of black and a short black beard. Serena was now 6'0 and 125 lbs and a perfect physique. Ash was now 6'4 and 150 lbs and had a perfect muscular physique. Ash and Serena had
:iconalphaman38:alphaman38 5 8


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