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Gundam unicorn centaur WIP 4

It have been a very busy months for this past 2 months due to moving into my new apartment, constantly getting the place tidy up.

Besides that on June i won 'New challenger' award with my MG Unicorn Gundam, honestly i never thought i can win and i do have to admit it there are a lot of really nice Kits that are much nicer then mine, but never the less i am happy on the win and now aiming for the year end competition on November.
The competition: [link]

This will be my entry for the year end 144 scale Gundam Unicorn Centaur build from 2 box of HG, took me 6 months to build and still continue so. what u see here are the kit have been spray with primer coat to check for mistakes, i will be airbrushing this baby soon. aside from this i will be building a HG Kshatriya to goes with the Centaur.

Well back to work.

My Gundam Unicorn WIP [link]
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do you have a link to pics since the zeroG is down?
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So like this design. Really love the unicorn centaur as my new unicorn custom.
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I saw this on gundamguy a while back and it still is impressive today. Absolutely love the mods
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O MY GOSH!!! @___@ 
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Gempak made an article about the Unicorn Centaur and Dragon Kshyatria, it was epic!
This is truly a grand work of art...<3
The true definition of tulang berkerat empat.
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so much awesomeness!!!!!
OMG WOW! this is by far one of the best works
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I do hope at some point this model is made and can be bought from bandai
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This is fucking awesome!!!! It reminds me of Pegasus Saber from The Brave of Legends Da Garn. Sans the wings.
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magiqe beautiful work ^^
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one badass mobile suit, great job and cant wait to see the color scheme
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I just saw it! sweet, i wish i could build them like that. i need more practice lol. Amazing job on both suits :highfive:
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hee hee not gonna lie its amazing looking
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wowww.....That is AWESOME!!!!!!
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Coolest GUNDAM ever~!!
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It was not easy building it especially the head, u will know what i mean when u look at My WIP links, not many people are in favor of the head, but i am glad it din't turn out too ugly.
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awesome never saw one like that before :)
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i saw something liek this on page 18 of the site u linked. but you're has a better body, and better legs. that thing has 4 "human" feet and just looks liek some frankengundam. yours looks likeit was started as a centaur and not as a modified human shaped one
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well, that 4 human leg feet version was pretty commonly tried out by many modellers, so i was thinking to do something out of the ordinary and here was the result after 8 months
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Nice centaur! I dont have much time on gunpla so far.. Life hurt...Love hurts..
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I don't know about you, but this looks awesome!!
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WOW this is looking wicked!!
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