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Against Fur Zombies

This "trend" spreads across devart like circles on the water from a thrown stone but it's less beautiful. In my opinion it's sick and brutal (not in a metal way).

I´d say: Please open your eyes. Don't look away from animals getting killed for toys!
With every fur bought from a farm you support fur farming. It doesn´t matter if the fur would have been waste in the end anyway or not.

Please click on the banner, read and come up with an opinion yourself. And if you think that this trend is a way that doesn´t honour a living creature the way it should be, then please post the banner in your journal as well.

Thanks you! :)

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Wow you do realize soft mounts are NOT toys at all right? Well clearly not. Becaues I have NEVER met someone who did, and they are for to fragile to be treated as toys in the first place.
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oh weia... =(
Finde ja das "Taxplushie" auch nicht toll.
Ich finde allerding das es einen Unterschied zwischen diesem "Spielzeug" und Präparaten gibt.
Ohne Präperate wären die Museen heutzutage leer... und in der Schule werden bestimmt auch keine lebendigen Adler, Füchse oder sonst was für Wildtiere gehalten.
Und ich kann mir auch nicht vorstellen ein Fuchs als "Haustier" oder "Spielfreund" zu haben.
Das sind und bleiben Wildtiere.
Ich hoffe sehr das der Trend zu diesen "Echtfellspielzeug" nicht anhält. =(
Ich hoffe auch das man Nutztiere irgendwann besser behandelt.
Ich hoofe man sieht von Tierversuchen ab.
Das man Natur - Natur sein lässt!
Sind diese "Wünsche" Hierngespinste von mir? Denn ich glaube ich liege schon lange unter der Erde (villeicht XD) bis auch nur einer davon wahr wird.

PS: Ich würde ja gern mal wissen was Vegitarismus mit ausgestopften Tieren zu tun hat.
Ich bin ja kein Vegetarier und ich gebe das offen zu. Menschen sind von Natur aus Omnivorus (Fleisch&Pflanze).

PPS: Ich ich hoffe ich trete Niemanden auf den Schlips mit meiner Meinung und ich bin für andere Meinungen stehts offen. ^^
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Hallo BronzeQuetzal,
vielen Dank für Deine Meinung. Leider lassen Menschen nicht mit sich reden, wenn sie sich in ihren Freiheiten und Rechten beschnitten fühlen und das zeigt sich dann in sturem Trotz und leider auch in Gegenprotest. Sie wissen, dass wir ihnen nichts anhaben können, da das was sie tun nicht gegen das Gesetzt verstößt. Von Ethik und Mitgefühl haben diese Leute selten was gehört.

Die Tiere in den Naturkundemuseen sind meist sehr sehr alte Exponate und viele sind aus Zoos und eines mehr oder minder natürlichen Todes gestorben (mindest in den Museen, in denen ich bisher war, war das so.) Wobei ich das präparieren von Tieren generell auch nicht Gut heiße. Es macht keinen Unterschied, ob ich es mit Holzwolle oder mit Füllwolle ausstopfe.

Was den Respekt gegenüber Tieren anbelangt, da kann jeder im kleinen auch schon einen großen Teil dazu beitragen. Wie eben vegetarisch leben und Milch und Käse nur noch von "glücklichen Kühen", sprich Bio, einzukaufen. Sinkt die Nachfrage nach Massentierhaltung und steigt die Nachfrage nach biologisch erwirtschafteten Produkten wird sich der Schwerpunkt auch irgendwann verlagern. Somit zollt man den Tieren seinen Respekt und unterstütz das "Das man Natur - Natur sein lässt!". Gleiches gilt übrigens auch für Kosmetik und Pflegeprodukte die ohne Tierversuche auf den Markt gebracht werden. Hierzu gibt es online jede Menge Listen, die man googeln kann. :)
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Das Problem ist im Augenblick ja auch das Bio gerade zum Maseenproduckt wird.
Ich glaube man kann nicht alles auf Bio trimmen, dazu gibt es zu viel Menschen auf der Erde.
Um die alle mit "Bio" zu versorgen ist die Erde zu klein. =(

Schon man kan sich vegetarisch ernähren Menschen sind aber von Natur aus Fleisch und Pflanzenesser. Ich würde das nicht mal 2 wochen aushalten (Hab mich mal eine Woche vegetarisch ernährt und bin danach doch wieder mit heißhunger zum Döner gelaufen -_-; *schande über mich* )

Es gibt vieles was man ändern müsste aber tun wird sich meistens erst was wenn das Kind schon in den Brunnen gefallen ist.

PS: Wir haben Hühner. Meine Family hat jeden Tag frische Eier und wir wiseen wo die herkommen. ^^ Von useren Hühnern nämlich. ^^
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In all honesty I don't think anyone paying hundreds for these would treat them as a toy.
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you know what i'm against? the fact that you just ignore everyone hear who presents valid arguments against your grossly misinformed assumptions. you have a right to your opinion, but you're relying on extremist propaganda and false facts. and that's pretty damn near-sighted of you.

i'm also against this insane witch-hunt against DA taxidermists that you've apparently started. shame on you for all the spam they have to endure.

and i bet you horf down cheeseburgers without a damn thought as to how humanly that cow was treated before it ended up in your mouth.
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*applause for getting this two years later*

And yes, I like my cheeseburgers dead as dead tofu can be. I AM VEGETARIAN! Gosh... I don't know how often I mentioned that in all the arguments I've answered. I would't make a loud point out of my oppinion when I wouldn't know what I am talking about.
The so said witch-hunt never happend from any of the official supporters. Never! We are able to talk things out and not grabbing fork and fire without searching for the conversation. *sigh*
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I am thankful that my mate *IamETOH realized how wrong taxidermy was and how its not respecting the animal you love at all. :aww:
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Nope, fur farms have their animals stuffed in cages less then three square feet, usually two to four animals. Once the harvesters see that the fur is nice and soft, thick-they stick their noses in a car exhaust or place probes in the anus and mouth, and electrocute them-not to damage that high dollar fur. Sometimes they cannibalize each other,well, since most of their diet consists of their own kind. (because proper food is 'too expensive')

Fur farming is just as cruel as the kosher slaughter. I don't see why people would want to purchase something that supports this sadistic act.

(of course, those very people who buy them want to back themselves up and say the farms were the best place the animals could be-yeah, tell that to the fox you have sitting on the television for decoration)

If the animal was already dead, I do agree on trying to preserve it, and using it though-I've kept skulls from already deceased animals. They make really useful references. :) Or was killed for food, and the whole body is being used, that is justifiable as well.
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What the hell is with the conceited attitude of people so easily valuing one life over another in the first place? All life is sacred. How would people react if it were some of the human babies that are killed in third world countries that were stuffed and advertised for sale here?

Fortunately I haven't come across this issue until now. I have no sympathy when I hear of recreational hunters having 'accidents' and getting shot.
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Hey, there's this one user here on dA, who buys frozen mice from pet stores and makes accessory out of them. She calls it taxidermy. What do you think? e___e
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Oh, and she also tells others to buy frozen bunnies from pet stores to make taxidermy. I guess she doesn't understand that those animals are killed FOR what she does..
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:ohnoes: I think it's just something that's more common in the US than in other countries. A lot of places here are pretty rural, so it's normal to go hunting with your family as young as 7 or 8 for turkey or deer.

I'm not into the whole farming for fur thing, but I do know it's legal here to hunt with permits, and if done in moderation it helps cull and control the population. I know in Virginia, foxes are very common and I see them all the time in the morning when I'm at my parents' suburban home.

Hunters are the people who want to conserve animals, and I know many rare bird species in the US have been saved thanks to falconers and other hunters. :)
Many countries in Europe (such as England) don't even require training or even a permit to own a raptor, which I think is sick. In the US you're required to go through a 2-year program AND you have to be certified in order to own the animal. You also have to work with raptors for many years before taking more specialized birds, such as eagles.

So, I don't think it's as widespread as you think. It is pretty gross, but people do what they do and there isn't much we can do about it. D:

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Question, are they killing the animals from the wild, picking up skins from the road or breeding in farms in its entirety?
Or some amalgamation of all of the above?
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They pretend that the animals all were roadkill but I doubt that there are suicidal articfoxes in the middle of America.
Some of the colours are typical for farm foxes. I guess some of them are prey from successful hunts but I guess that all the foxes beside the red ones are from pelt farms.
SleetFury's avatar
Arctic foxes?! LOL and they think they can pull this off and get off scot free?
I suppose using fur farm foxes are better than hunting them down though, even if they are in crappy conditions.
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Thats just wrong. I dont live in the USA nor in Germany. In my country there are several kind of animal torture, from rooster figths, dog fights, killing little dogs when there is no place to have them, and this is one more things that sickens me.

I do love animals. I always had at least one pet in my house since I can remember. All my pets died from old age. Mostly past 10 years. All of them are buried on my back yard. Buried by me. I do miss them sometimes, but Im sure that I wont feel better, by having some sick reminder from any of them, at least not in the way of what once was part of them. I kept a nail or even a tuft of hair, but I would never go that far as to have one of my dead pets have their skin removed. Its just not rigth.
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Dead Animals Being Mistreated Is Not 'Art' It's Disgusting! I'm All For Soft Toys But Not Ones That Are Made From Real Animals! :pissedoff:
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I agree with you!! :glomp:
xfallenxangelxwingsx's avatar
I agree with you 100%.
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Nice one on the banner!
This trend is growing and theres no other way to describe it other than vile.
These people say they care about animals, but if they did, they wouldn't be supporting fur farms or trappers. Because by supporting them they are funding cruel practices such as anal electrocution, live skinning, drowning and cruel traps.

With you 200% on this!
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I wanna have a man child toy - I hope this shouldn't be a problem.
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Actually that would be really interesting to have, you'd be able to study the anatomy however you please. That's why I was so excited they made the Bodies Exhibit.
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