I like my animal friends alive!

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Against Fur Zombies

This "trend" spreads across devart like circles on the water from a thrown stone but it's less beautiful. In my opinion it's sick and brutal (not in a metal way).

I´d say: Please open your eyes. Don't look away from animals getting killed for toys!
With every fur bought from a farm you support fur farming. It doesn´t matter if the fur would have been waste in the end anyway or not.

Please click on the banner, read and come up with an opinion yourself. And if you think that this trend is a way that doesn´t honour a living creature the way it should be, then please post the banner in your journal as well.

Thanks you! :)

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Wow you do realize soft mounts are NOT toys at all right? Well clearly not. Becaues I have NEVER met someone who did, and they are for to fragile to be treated as toys in the first place.