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Hello everyone =) How are you people?

I know i do a lot of pub, but no, i won't stop! ^^

Here is the site of a friend. She make jewels (not the same as the one in my gallery, it's an other friend), and she just open her site yesterday! ^^

So, take a look, enjoy of it, and if it can please you, buy! I had buy one when i met her, and i wear it all days. A ring. I love it! ^^ Very original.

So, here the link! =)

Thanks people =)…

Please, all; if you got a fb account, can you clik on it and vote for my doll? It will be so nice from you!! =D

Wouhou!! Thank you NaNoWriMo!!! I loooooove you!! My novel count now 37580 words, ~ 75 pages.

Amazing! I'm far from the end, i think it will happen near 60 000 words (and the words target is 50 000...) I'm so glad!! =D

For sure, that just the begining. If i can finish it, really... Gosh!! *stop thinking 'bout that!* ... Hope, hope....
Well well!! Do you know the NaNoWriMo? National Novel Written Month? As you can understand, we must write, and write, and... write... For a month. November. SO, i write! Challenge : 50 000 words, near 175 pages.

And yes, i konw i can do it. My novel have "grow up"!! 16 000 word so far, for now. I hope to finish it intime. I try my best.


Hey there! =) No, i'm not dead!!! But a lot of things actually, can't do a lot of art... Can't write... Can't draw... Can't read... And i will work soon... 5h AM- 10H AM. Hope that will leave me some more time!

And you, friends? How are you? =)
Gosh i need to motive myself!! >.< Have a lot of things to do, draw, colorize, write... But total lack of motivation!!

How get that motivation? Go walk on the forest, to find the source of my energy, let my mind walk away, free, flying with butterflies, in the wind?

Or stay at home, talk to friends, imagine some part of my novel?
Or go in my friend's home, lose some time with "Alice madness returns"?

Arf... don't know... Mom come back these afternoon. Stay at home for now. But maybe in the week...

Ok.Let's to forest!
Ho dear... I'm not so sure that everybody see my work! Nobody comment ;)
You know you could, don't you? ;)