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Hi everyone, it's now time to announce the winner!

#27. :iconpunkbot08:

Congratulations punkbot08! I will contact you later today regarding your raffle request. =D

I want to thank you all again for taking part in this summer raffle, it really means a lot to me.

Commissions are welcome if you'd like to commission me for a picture. Just drop me a note.

I hope you're all having a great summer, see you soon! =)

I have recently reached a landmark of 300 watchers and decided to hold a free summer art raffle! =)

Please see the rules below for more information.

Samples of my work
Rias Gremory by AlphaDeltaZetaWiz by AlphaDeltaZetaRin Shima by AlphaDeltaZeta


  • The theme is SUMMER.
  • There will be 1 WINNER
  • The winner can request me to draw a picture of their favourite female character. It can be Fanart or OC 
  • Please note that I will only draw one character.
  • I will use a random number generator to determine the winner.
  • The deadline is 21st July 2018 22:00 Greenwich Mean Time
  • I will announce the winner the next day, 22nd July at 13:00 GMT

How to Enter

  • Comment below “I’m joining!” (+1 ticket) - This is Mandatory so I know you're participating.
  • Watch Me (+1 ticket) – New watchers are welcome but please don’t unwatch me after the raffle is finished, you will be disqualified from my future raffles if you do so. (Mandatory)
  • What is your favourite summer destination? (+1 ticket) (Optional)
  • Advertise this journal by creating a journal or poll (+1 tickets) (Optional)
  • Tag up to 3 people in your comment (+1 ticket per person tagged) (Optional)

If there’s anything you want to ask, please drop me a message.
Good luck everyone! =)
1.07.18 – 21.07.18 (22:00 GMT)
Hi everyone, it's now time to announce the winners!

#18. :iconthreatningroar:
#37. :iconxgp-nataku:

Big congratulations to the two of you! I'll contact you today regarding your raffle requests. =D

I want to thank you all today for taking part in my second ever raffle, I really appreciate it. =)

I'm also open to commissions if you like to commission me for a picture.

Commissions Info

I hope you all have a great Easter break. See you soon. =)

Hello everyone, I had a lot of fun with the last raffle and with Easter just around the corner I decided to hold yet another raffle to commemorate the Easter holidays. =) Please see the rules below for more information.

Samples of my work
Android 21 by AlphaDeltaZetaErza - Fairy Tail by AlphaDeltaZetaDragon Beauty by AlphaDeltaZeta


  • The theme is EASTER.
  • There will be 2 WINNERS
  • Each winner can request me to draw a picture of their favourite female character. It can be Fanart or OC
  • I will use a random number generator to determine the winners.
  • The deadline is 31st March 2018 22:00 Greenwich Mean Time
  • I will announce the winners the next day, 1st April at 13:00 GMT

How to Enter

  • Comment below “I’m joining!” (+1 ticket) - This is Mandatory so I know you're participating.
  • Watch Me (+1 ticket) – New watchers are welcome but please don’t unwatch me after the raffle is finished, you will be disqualified from my future raffles if you do so. (Mandatory)
  • What is your favourite chocolate? (+1 ticket) (Optional)
  • Advertise this journal by creating a journal or poll (+1 tickets) (Optional)
  • Tag up to 3 people in your comment (+1 ticket per person tagged) (Optional)

If there’s anything you want to ask, please drop me a message.
Good luck everyone! =)
13.03.18 – 31.03.18 (22:00 GMT)

Good afternoon everyone, it's time to announce the winners!

#18. :iconyokamycelium:
#26. :iconarolyne:
#32. :iconInformationcake:

Many congratulations for winning the prizes! I'll contact you all later today regarding your raffle requests. =D

I've really enjoyed holding this raffle and I will definitely do more throughout the year. Thank you all for taking part, I really appreciate it. :)

Happy Holidays everyone, I recently reached 250 watchers and as thanks for your continued support I decided to start a Free Giveaway Raffle! =)
Here are samples of my work
Akeno Himejima by AlphaDeltaZetaLeafa - Sword Art Online by AlphaDeltaZetaAisha Udgard by AlphaDeltaZeta


  • There will be 3 WINNERS
  • Each winner can request me to draw a picture of their favourite female character. (Fanart or OC)
  • I will use a random number generator to determine the winners.
  • The deadline is 6th January 2018 22:00 Greenwich Mean Time
  • I will announce the winners the next day, 7th January at 13:00 GMT

How to Enter

  • Comment below “I’m joining!” (+1 ticket)
  • Watch Me (+1 ticket) – New watchers are welcome but please don’t unwatch me after the raffle is finished, you will be disqualified from my future raffles if you do so.
  • Advertise this journal in a journal or poll (+2 tickets)
  • Tag up to 3 people in your comment (+1 ticket per person tagged)

If there’s anything you want to ask, please drop me a message.
Good luck everyone! =)
26.12.17 – 06.01.18 (22:00 GMT)

2017 has been a whirlwind of adventure, especially my growth as an artist.

I joined DeviantArt two years ago to show my anime artwork to like-minded people who enjoy anime and manga as much as I do. But what started as a casual hobby has actually turned my life around. This year especially I feel that I’ve really refined my techniques not just on people but on backgrounds and objects as well.

I think this is because I’ve always been a motivated kind of person but I also think that it’s the support that you all gave me that strived me to become the better artist than I was yesterday. I really do appreciate your support and never did I think from the beginning at the possibility of my art being viewed and liked.

To show my thanks I’ve been doing polls and some questionnaires to see what art you’d like to see more from me in the future.


The Sword Art Online poll especially had more votes than I anticipated. Even after I closed the poll when Leafa won it’s still receiving votes.

I learned through this poll that Sword Art Online is actually very popular and whilst I’m going to draw Leafa now I will draw Asuna and Suguha in the future and perhaps the rest of the SAO cast depending how things go. I’m making good progress with Leafa, I finished the background but I’m still in the sketching stages of her body and posture. I have a strong liking for Elves at this moment and I’m having a lot of fun drawing her. =)


I finished my KonoSuba Super Light Novel. That’s definitely one of my proudest works and it’s my best ever fanfiction story. I have written many stories based on series that I like and it all started when I was 10 years old. To name a few I mainly wrote Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, Naruto and Bleach but in the case of Naruto I was more of a roleplayer than a fanfiction writer.

I like to think I’ve grown as a writer as well as an artist and hopefully this Super Light Novel reflects that. I don’t doubt that I have room to improve but I’m still proud of what I’ve achieved. =)


Speaking of story writing I’ve taken a lot of time to create more original characters. I’ve recently uploaded Nike, the Goddess of Victory and I’m currently in the midst of drawing a chibi version of Cherub.

And, perhaps the most exciting news of all, I’m working on my very own manga.

It’s a short little story that will probably cover one volume. It’s going to be my biggest project yet but I’m really enjoying working on it. I have all the important basics down like the characters, the map and locations, the plot and story and so on. If all goes well I can unveil this story next year but for now I’m going to storyboard it and do my very best to make sure it’s entertaining for you all to enjoy. =)


Thank you for reading, I will see you soon. =)


Hello everyone, I’m now accepting commissions. =)

If you would like to commission me please send me a note.



    ·       These are for personal commissions only and not meant for commercial use.

    ·       I do have the right to reject any commission requests should I feel it necessary.

    ·       For colour and shade requests I will send you the finalised sketch via stash and once you have approved it I will make no further changes.

    ·       For sketch requests there will be no preview. Once the sketch is complete I will make no further changes.

    ·       I will send you the completed picture through stash.

    ·       If you request your OC please provide as much information as possible.



    ·       I will send your completed picture via stash and following this I reserve the right to display it on my gallery in order to promote myself.

    ·       As the commissioner you may upload, share or display my artwork as long as you’re not making profit from it and you’re giving credit to me, the                   artist.

    ·       You’re not allowed to modify my works without permission, take credit for my art or reproduce the copyright artwork in any way.



Fubuki Head Sketch by AlphaDeltaZetaFubuki Head Colour by AlphaDeltaZeta


Sketch: 10 USD

Colour with Shade:15 USD

Fubuki Half Body Sketch by AlphaDeltaZetaFubuki Half Body Colour by AlphaDeltaZeta


Sketch: 12 USD

Colour with Shade: 20 USD

Fubuki Full Body Sketch by AlphaDeltaZetaFubuki Full Body Colour by AlphaDeltaZeta


Sketch: 14 USD

Colour with Shade: 25 USD


* Should you require a background, additional character or something else please message me for details of pricing.



    ·       I only accept PayPal payments.

    ·       Once payment has been confirmed I will begin your artwork.



    ·       My expected completion time is usually 7-14 days depending on my workload. I will always try to finish your picture as soon as possible but please be patient.



    ·       I DO NOT give refunds. The only exception to this is if I am unable to complete your picture.



    ·       My forte is anime girls but I will also draw girls from video games

    ·       Yuri (mild/suggestive and romantic but nothing R18)

    ·       Kemonomimi

    ·       Monster Girls (Lamia, Harpy, Centaur etc)

    ·       OC



    ·       Mecha

    ·       R18

    ·       Yaoi


If any of this information is unclear or you would like to ask me a question please drop me a note, I’ll be happy to hear from you.


Thank you for stopping by. =)

From time to time I look at my older art and with some of them I think “you could have done that better,” and I’m confident I would. This doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my past works though, I see them as progress to the artist I am now. They remind me how I started and where I was 2 years ago.


So much has happened since then. I was excited when one of my pictures received one view but now, since the beginning of the year, I’ve been receiving dozens of requests. It’s the sort of thing I didn’t think could happen, the idea never truly entered my head as a possibility. I’m still amazed by it all, even when I’m receiving requests now. =)


I decided to take a break from requests for the time being as I’ve been working on multiple backlogs since Christmas and I’ve also had spells of being unwell perhaps due to tiredness. I have taken a couple of short breaks between requests but have now decided to take a longer break to “recharge my batteries”. I do love my drawings I just think I’ve been a bit over-enthusiastic and perhaps not rested as much as I should have.


I hope to produce a picture to celebrate my own personal achievement for the last two years. My initial achievement was being brave enough to share my very first picture publicly but now the other achievement is making others happy with my drawings. =)


Thanks for your support, everyone.^^/


Here I am, reporting in my monthly update.

Not so long ago I chipped a tooth and booked an appointment to get it checked. I was somewhat anxious as it would be my first ever filing… or so I thought. My Dentist told me my “chipped tooth” was in perfect condition with a tiny scrape at the top. I felt much better after this, I was anxious over nothing. =)

For the past few weeks I’ve been very poorly. I was suffering with bad dizzy spells to the point where I couldn’t draw and lost my balance whenever I walked. On top of that I caught a cold in the process.

I wondered if it was because I had been drinking decaf tea for over a week as opposed to my normal regular tea, so I switched to regular tea… only to experience no sleep that very same night. The dizzy spells seemed to have disappeared though. Haha.

I’m more or less better now I just need to rest more and sleep better. I do feel up to drawing more requests so I’ll resume them this evening. =)

Thanks for reading. =)

PS, I’m learning Japanese, more specifically Kana. I now understand the difference between Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Hurray. =)

Hello everyone.^^/

I’m just letting you know that I’m going to accept 2 more requests for April and 3 for May.

I’ve already accepted quite a lot of requests which were intended for April but I feel comfortable enough to accept 2 more for this month. If you like me to do a request for you just send me a note or comment below.


Here is the link for my art conditions:

Art Conditions


Order List


*1: Matthew250 (COMPLETE)

*2: Pimsan0 (COMPLETE)


*1: Lioness626 (COMPLETE)

*2: joshspeed7 (COMPLETE)

*3: nemesislivezx (COMPLETE)


If you want your request to remain anonymous just let me know. I’ve also started requests that I’ve accepted months ago and I promise I will get them done as soon as I can.


See you soon. =)

Hello everyone, I just want to say once again a big thank you for asking me for requests. :)

This is just a note to say that I'm still not accepting anymore requests to draw right now. I'm still working through my waiting list and I don't think it's fair to keep everyone waiting. I do plan to accept them again in April but depending on the number of requests I receive I may have to push requests back another month to May.

I've not been too good recently health wise so decided to take a small break before continuing with the remaining requests the best I can and complete them when I can.

Thank you for your patience. =)

So far this year there hasn't been an anime that made me go "wow, that is amazing!" The only exception is KonoSuba and that wasn't originally on my plan to watch list. I picked it up half way through and it became an instant favourite of mine.

Last year there were plenty for me to look forward to like Non Non Biyori RepeatMonster MusumeHigh School DxD BorNFood Wars!: Shokugeki no SomaIs It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, I could literally go on. Recently I watched the One-Punch Man anime which aired last year and that too became an instant favourite of mine.

I don't necessarily think that this year's anime have been bad, it's just that I found most of them something to watch rather than watching them with excitement.

There has been one anime that I have been eagerly waiting for this year and that is the second season of Food Wars! 'Food Wars! The Second Plate.' I'm really excited about that and I'm deliberately avoiding the trailers so I don't get spoiled. I want to be surprised.

The other anime that has caught my eye from this season is 'Hybrid x Heart Magic Academy Ataraxia' or 'Masou Gakuen H x H.'

I've seen one trailer so far and I do think I will really enjoy it. I didn't watch anymore trailers because I want to be surprised like with the Food Wars! second season. I know nothing about this story but my instincts are telling me that it will have a lot of similar themes to High School DxD.

Either way, I'm happy that I have something else to look forward to. =)

Thanks for Reading. =)

Freya by AlphaDeltaZeta

I’m really enjoying my art as of late and I feel as though I’m getting better with each picture that I produce. Recently, I drew a picture of Freya from Danmachi and I’m very happy with how it ended up. It turned out really well because I chose to go back to the basics with my approach to both the colouring and shading styles. I feel that because I went back to the basics, it ended up being much more effective than I anticipated.


Subconsciously I think I put myself under unnecessary pressure to finish my illustrations as quickly as I can and that did take away some of the enjoying from the artistic journey.  I took a step back upon my Freya picture and realised this so I told myself to slow down and when the pictures are ready to be complete, they will be complete.


Lately I’ve been doing these artistic projects where I’m drawing characters and sceneries for my family members. I’m enjoying doing projects for other people as it makes a nice change of pace but I don’t think I’m up for doing commissions for people that I don’t know just yet. Will my requested art meet their expectations? Will I be on a time limit? Anxious thoughts entered my head, especially regarding the time issue, so I always end up declining to avoid those self-pressure situations.


I think if I’m reassured that I can take my time with a project than I can probably do it and do it well. So, if anyone has a suggestion or if they have a picture that they’d like to see, just give me a shout. =)


Here is the list of My 8 Current Art in the Works


    -        Claire Harvey (Hundred) – I’m attempting a 3D-ish type of colouring of Claire. Nothing really inspired me to give this a go, I just fancied a go. =D

    -        Mi-Chan (High School Fleet) – I started this picture around the same time as Freya so the colouring and shading style will be more or less the same but with a background. =)

    -        Saitama and Fubuki (One Punch Man) – I’m in the midst of doing a funny but affectionate dating scene between Saitama and Fubuki. I keep on laughing every time I focus on drawing this. XD

    -        Atago (KanColle) – Atago at the beach. Originally I was going to use Galko-Chan in this summer scene but I saw this as an opportunity to draw Atago as I always wanted to draw her. =)

    -        Fubuki (KanColle), Renge (Non Non Biyori) and Stera and Lotte (Atelier Shallie) – I’m doing a crossover to celebrate the fact that I earned my first ever Platinum Trophy on the PlayStation network. =D

    -        Ikumi Mito (Food Wars!) – I really like Ikumi and it’s always fun to draw her, especially when she blushes.

    -        Arnice and Lillysse (Nights of Azure) – I’m really enjoying playing the Nights of Azure game and I suddenly had the urge to draw these two girls. =)

    -        Hotaru (Non Non Biyori), Wiz (KonoSuba) and Kirin (The Asterisk War) – A night scene with the girls and fireflies. I’m very excited about this one. =)


Thanks for Reading. =)


There were plenty of anime that I enjoyed this year. In fact, the title of this blog is misleading as I wrote about 11 anime, instead of 10. Whoops! Haha. There’s just too many to blog about…

Anyway, here is my list of anime that I’ve enjoyed in 2015.


Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon

For me personally, this was refreshing to watch.

All the characters have burdens to carry. Takeru is especially good. He doesn’t try to change people’s perspectives like a cliché character but instead offers a hand and a shoulder to cry on. I think that’s definitely refreshing and that attitude has had an effect on the main girls around him.

This might have been dark at times but there was always a light at the end of the tunnel, especially with the humorous parts. This was definitely good to watch. =)


The Asterisk War

I really liked the action and duals in this series. Once more I found the visuals very colourful, especially as the main academy is near the water.

I found the fights to be eye-catching and sophisticated, especially the sounds effects and the swordplay. My favourite dual was Ayato vs Kirin as I enjoyed how they both cancelled each other out and I enjoyed seeing their swords clashing against each another. Kirin’s swordplay is definitely very cool and badass.

I think Kirin is cute but is very cool. I like that sort of character. In fact, I was actually motivated to draw a fanart of her. It’s in its colouring stages but it will be complete come the New Year. =)


Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

I didn’t know what I was expecting when I first heard of the existence of Food Wars but I definitely wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did.

It’s like a humongous battle in a school among students but instead of physically battling with each other, it’s like having bake offs, but on a much larger scale. It may sound strange but I really enjoyed watching what the chefs cooked. They looked delicious and realistic.

I think it helps that this show has made me laugh on a numerous of occasions and all the ladies are very easy on the eye, especially when they visualise the food that they tasted. Haha.


High School DxD BorN

I’m a humongous fan of High School DxD and I did enjoy the third season.

This series did make me nervous more than the previous two as some of the characters completely snapped and went ballistic. That was rather sad and intense to see. However, it was all resolved in the end and everyone was sane and lived happily ever after, haha.

As well as the ladies being easy on the eye, the action, and the funny moments were good. However, what I especially liked was the character growth in Issei, Rias, Akeno and Koneko. All of those characters have been carrying burdens but in this series the weight of the burdens on their shoulders had been lifted. I was very pleased when I saw those moments. =)

I vote for Issei to become the Harem King. Haha.

Ps, I just want to make a shout out to Yoko Hikasa to congratulate her on her marriage. It’s a wonderful thing but I hope she stays in the industry as I can’t imagine anyone else to voice Rias.


Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

If I had a top five list than this show would probably be in it.

It had pretty much everything in it that I liked. It has a likable main character, a bunch of pretty girls, plenty of comedy values and good fights and action in the dungeon. It has that feeling of an RPG game as you don’t necessarily have to fight to earn gold coins. Plus, there’s a bunch of gods from different mythology coming together and forming their own familiars. Without a doubt, my favourite goddess is Hestia.

The story is good and has plenty of comedy, touching moments, exciting moments and situations that made me nervous. It’s a pity that a second season hasn’t been announced so far but I’m now collecting the Light Novels and the manga so it’s all good. =)


Non Non Biyori Repeat

I knew that the second season was going to be as good as the first season. I like it how there’s no strong plot, it’s just about a bunch of girls conveying their daily lives in the countryside. The addition of the new music and soundtrack was refreshing and added to this beautiful anime.

I watched this together with my Mum as she’s also a fan of Non Non. My bro is even started to watch it… my 2016 goal is to convert my entire family to Non Non Biyori. Haha! This is definitely among of my favourite anime of all time. With good reason too.^^/


Monster Musume

Admittedly I was nervous when it was announced that MonMusu was going to get an anime adaptation but to my surprise it was much, much better than I had expected it to be.

Everything in it happened exactly as it did in the manga with only a few cuts here and there. I was especially impressed with how they portrayed the characters. The show was both funny and quite touching at times.

I would welcome a second season but I don’t think it will happen for at least another year.


Shomin Sample

I found this anime to be extremely funny.

Poor Kimito has to pretend to have a muscle fetish in order to stay at a school in which he’s been kidnapped to stay in. Haha. It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I found the characters and the situations they got themselves into to be humorous and quirky.

All the ladies are socially inept as they don’t have a clue about the real world but I especially thought it was funny when Aika taught them and Reiko about “Gets”. The “Gets” gag was the underlining factor in this show. Haha.



I shouldn’t have found this funny, but I did.

There were plenty of innuendos and rude jokes in this anime and that is literally the main theme of this show. The antics of certain characters were both funny and disturbing at times. Haha.

I think it was an interesting concept how they tried to monitor everyone in an attempt to set good standards in modern society. Is that really good for the people though? I’m all for good standards but I personally think that that’s robbing people of their freedom and I think this show explores that very well, even if it is… crude. ;-)


The Testament of Sister New Devil

I really enjoyed watching the two series back to back this year.

In some ways this show reminds me of High School DxD, and Mio especially reminds me of Rias. It’s because of the similarities that made me watch this show, and I’m glad that I did.

There’s a lot more action than I thought there was going to be and I feel that the risqué moments happen appropriately, rather than happen for the sake of making the viewers go blind. Haha. I think it’s a good story where Mio wants to live a normal life but it was never going to be easy as she is the daughter of the past devil king.

I’m sure one day she will live a peaceful life without any worries. =)


Anime in 2016


At this moment in time there’s no particular anime that has caught my eye to watch in 2016. I know The Asterisk War second season will be aired at some point in April but that’s about it. For now, I will just have to wait and see what comes along and go from there.


If you want to recommend an anime by all means do. I’ll be happy to hear from you. =)


It’s rather weird how much I’m sharing my art over the World Wide Web. I always lacked the confidence to do so in fear that me and my art would get ridiculed. However, a few months ago, with encouragement from my family, I created a Deviantart account with the view to share my work.


I’m really enjoying the experience of sharing coloured pictures as well as rough sketches. In the space of 5 months I felt a humongous confidence and enthusiasm souring through me. I always enjoyed drawing but sharing my art with the public feels like a big achievement for me personally. I suppose you could say I’ve always locked up my expression by keeping my works to myself but now I feel like I’m able to express myself freely without worrying or over-thinking.


After all, I never draw to be popular, I draw for enjoyment. I could literally draw for an entire day and never lose my smile. =)


Strangely, since opening my Deviantart account, I actually feel that I’m improving my art style. The recent illustration, Reiko Arisugawa, represents the sort of style that I’m trying to nail down in terms of colouring and inking. I really like Reiko and I like to think that I did a good job with this picture.


What picture am I going to complete next? I’m not entirely sure. I have a lot of drafts in the works but the problem with me is that I get so many ideas for pictures, I tend to leave some pictures unfinished and start news ones. That’s why it takes a long time for me to finish a picture. Haha.


I do have some pictures that are close to being finished though. At this moment in time I’m into badass anime girls wielding kickass weapons. In the final drafting stages I have one with Aiz and Ryu from Danmachi, Jurie Crotze from Atelier Shallie, Karen from Shomin Sample, Kirin from The Asterisk War and Yukina from Strike the Blood.


I’m not sure which one I will ink first but I will upload all them when they are complete. However, I do have other projects that I’m planning as well. I’m planning a couple of Christmas themed pictures which I’m anticipating to draw early so I can finish them on time. Haha. I even have my own personal OC character in the works. I don’t think I will complete her anytime soon though.


At this moment in time I will never set a deadline for any of my pictures as they will give me an unnecessary headmush, and that would never do!

Before I start the questionnaire I just want to say Happy Birthday DeviantArt. I'm really enjoying my experience on this community site and since joining my confidence in my social skills and drawing skills have grown. Even though I have joined only two months ago my experience has been much better then I thought it was going to be. Thank you DeviantArt and thank you everyone for making my time here enjoyable. =)

Let's crack on with the questionnaire.

1.  How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Just over two months.

2.  What does your username mean?
My name comprises of the greek alphabet. Each alphabet is a tribute to certain Angeloids from Heaven's Lost Property. Ikaros is the Alpha type Angeloid, Astreaea is the Delta type Angeloid and Hiyori is the Zeta type Angeloid.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Happy, caring, laid-back.

4. Are you left or right handed?
Right handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
Isuzu Sento. This is a very special picture to me as it is the first picture that I shared publicly. =)
Isuzu Sento by AlphaDeltaZeta

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
It varies really. I like to spend a lot of time doing quick sketches to experiment and improve myself but I do like to spend a lot of time creating a colourful picture. I'm also in the process of creating little comics.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I don't think I would want to master a different art style. I'm happy with my own style whilst polishing it as I draw more pictures.

8. What was your first favourite?

Thomas by Nick-of-the-Dead

(Deviant Artist: nick-of-the-dead)

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
I don't think I have a style that I particularly favour but I do tend to favour a lot Hestia and Takao related pictures.

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I don't really have a favourite to be honest, I like a lot of artists.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
I'm happy to talk to anyone. Although I did recently meet Rayi-kun and Sonia Leong at a recent KitaCon convention. They are wonderful people. =)

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I'm not really sure how to answer this question. However, I have often received positive comments in my pictures and my art page and knowing that they like my art has encourage me to share more of it.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
I use a mixture of G-Pen and airbursh on my wacom tablet for Manga Studio and sometimes I would draw on paper with a pencil.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art.
I wouldn't say that I have a place but I do get inspiration whenever I observe nature and people in real life. It does help if I'm in a calm and quiet place.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Joining the site for the first time as it was a massive step for me to share my art publicly.


Hello my fellow DeviantArt users.^^/

With encouragement from my family I have decided to open up a website that’s all about me. I feel like, and my friends and family agree, that I have more to offer than writing and blogging. On my site I talk about my hobbies and passion for writing, I show my photography and my blog.

I have always thought about having my very own website but I never really had the confidence to get my face out there, especially on the internet… until now. Over the years, my confidence has grown. Not only am I opening up about my autism I actually talk about my daily experiences in social situations and I’m showing my fan art across the net. Showing my art has especially been a concern of mine since I was younger. Nowadays those worries are behind me.

WordPress was the platform for me to start blogging and to me there’s no better way to start. I found that my confidence soured and I felt like my writing has improved every single time I write up a new post.

If you like to check out my new website, here is the link.

If you like to chat or ask me about my autism, my art or anything in general, just drop me a line. =)

I’m really enjoying the DeviantArt experience so far.


I was really nervous when I uploaded my first picture on here. But, I found that my confidence started to grow to the point of sharing my rough sketches and other coloured illustrations on here as well. The anticipation was worse than actually uploading the pictures. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. Then again, whenever I go out and socialise I do get nervous in social situations. But, I always manage to cope. =)


I’m still learning a lot about DeviantArt and I sort of understand the value of llama badges. I didn’t understand at first why I was being sent these badges but I come to appreciate them once I’ve learned about their value. Thank you to those who took the time to send them.  I truly appreciate it. =)


My birthday is this Friday so I probably won’t be active this week as I’m choosing to spend that time with my family. I have many adventures planned. =D


In the meantime I’ve illustrated my own avatar in the form of Hestia. Like with one of my Takao pictures I decided to add the autism jigsaw symbol into Hestia’s pigtail clip-ons and her collar bow. It took me a few hours but I’m really happy with how she came out.

Hello to everyone on DeviantArt, I'm new here and thought to introduce myself.

I'm AlphaDeltaZeta and I'm Autistic. Coping with Autism can be difficult at times, especially in social situations. I sometimes blog about my life with Autism on my blogging site.^^/

My main passion in life is writing. I inspire to be an author. I've nearly completed my book aimed for children and I will release it on Amazon Kindle. I'm really looking forward to that.

My hobbies include yoga, blogging, photography, anime, manga, console games, comedy on TV, Football on TV, audio reading, watching films, spending time with friends and family and drawing.

I've decided to join DeviantArt to share with you my art and sketches. I've always enjoyed drawing since I was young but I always lacked the confidence to share them publicly. With encouragement from my family and friends I decided that I'm now ready to share my artwork in the world of DeviantArt. :)

I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures as much as I enjoy drawing them. :)