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The Wonderful Wiz of Axel - Page Two by AlphaDeltaZeta The Wonderful Wiz of Axel - Page Two by AlphaDeltaZeta


We need to do two things, 1, pay Lord Adept for his destroyed mansion, 2, to prove without shadow of a doubt that I’m not in league with the Demon King.

With those facts in mind we went to the guild next day in this cold climate and asked Luna, the beautiful guild lady, to reserve a special quest for us. Our unbalanced party got worse now that Darkness is out of the picture but we have to do the best we can, which is why I learned a certain new skill to compensate Darkness’ absence. Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to show it off in combat.

“I wish you and your party the best of luck, Kazuma.”



The quest was simple enough but there is no doubt in my mind my party will make it more difficult than it actually is. It doesn’t help that Sena is walking right behind me. She literally doesn’t leave me out of her sight, even when I go to the bathroom she’s just around the corner! Learn some personal space godamnit! It’s no wonder you can’t land yourself a man!

Eventually we arrived at the sight of our mission, a field of flowers. Yep, flowers in winter. If cabbages can fly than flowers can bloom in snow.

The quest seemed easy, deceivably easy. It was a field of flowers alright, they all had stems and they looked like sunflowers but… They all had laughing faces! They reek of suspicion and made my Foe Sense tingle alarmingly. No one seems cautious, if anything, they seem happy. Aqua especially, she was giggling like a little kid.

Now then…

Why are these flowers in full bloom despite the season? I can ascertain that they’re not ordinary flowers. We need to study their behaviour before we-

‘Hey Megumin, doesn’t this look cute?’


I turned around and saw one of the grinning flowers in the hands of our very own Arch Priest. Sena and Megumin crowded around her to ogle at the beautiful nature in her hands.

“You idiot! Throw that away!!”

Too late- the flower spat out some green gooey mist right in the faces of the three ladies. Eew, nasty! What on earth was that!? I gasped in fright, trying to desperately analyse the situation when Aqua, Megumin and Sena all fell down!

‘Oh no! Were they poisoned!?’


The three ladies were all laughing hysterically, with tears bursting from their eyes and cheeks swollen to redness. Sena was kneeling clutching her stomach, Aqua was rolling on the floor like an unveiling carpet and Megumin was just lying down, laughing but without changing her facial expression.

One spit and our party was down. In short- we’re doomed.

The sunflower then turned in my direction with an evil glint in its eye, making my whole body shudder. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse my Foe Sense increased tenfold right behind me.

Hundreds of sunflowers ascended from the snow and buried their eyes in my direction.


With no other options available to me I chose plan Z, run like hell to the south!

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