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The Wonderful Wiz of Axel - Page Three by AlphaDeltaZeta The Wonderful Wiz of Axel - Page Three by AlphaDeltaZeta


What kind of over-powered game is this? There’s never a saving point, just one continuous struggle…

“Ice Pillars!”

A familiar voice roared in this cold climate. Before I turned I tripped on the sudden slippery surface.


My butt was on fire as I skidded along the very cold ground until I made contact with the soft snow underneath. It’s been cold all morning but suddenly the whole area felt colder. Is that actually possible? I looked behind me…

…Big icicle spikes bloomed from the ground and entrapped all the sunflowers inside then with a crack they were shattered to pieces. Not a single stem was spared. We were saved. My debt to Darkness really didn’t go in vain after all. Thank goodness. My vision was distracted when I saw a shadow staggering towards me out of the corner of my eye. I turned to face this shadow, only to be greeted with surprise.


“Thank goodness… you’re alright, Mr. Kazuma.”

She looks terrible. Bags underneath her eyes and she looks as though she’s about to disappear. I caught her as she fell forward, or more accurately, I broke her fall as I fell back on to the icy ground. That seriously hurt my back, but enough about me.

“Hang in there, Wiz!”


Our saviour was the ever so-kind Shopkeeper, Wiz.

When we arrived back in Axel I told my party to meet up at the guild as I dropped Wiz off at her shop. Luckily Sena didn’t stop to ask questions about our unlucky shopkeeper who was my indirect connection to the Demon King. Wiz was in really bad shape so I carried her all the way to her bedroom.

At first I didn’t think much of it but after I laid her on the mattress I suddenly became self-conscious. It just dawned on me that this was the first time I had entered a woman’s bedroom. It’s much more embarrassing than I ever imagined it to be. Calm down Kazuma, it’s just Wiz. It’s only Wiz! Who nearly kissed me...

Ah, I can still remember her sweet coconut fragrance and the soft texture of her hands, not to mention her plump raspberry lips and gentle breathe blowing against my face. What a time to be alive.

“…Mr Kazuma?”

Oh. She’s awake…

…Well, this is embarrassing. I must have looked like a gormless gnome staring into space.

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November 17, 2017
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