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The Wonderful Wiz of Axel - Page One by AlphaDeltaZeta The Wonderful Wiz of Axel - Page One by AlphaDeltaZeta



“Thank you, O Lady Goddess!”

Although I couldn’t relax just yet I’m now free from permanent death thanks to Darkness revealing her noble heritage. It’s times like this when she shows her cool side, a Crusader you would proudly call your ally. If only she wasn’t a masochist…

After we went back to the mansion, Darkness got everything she needed before she left to spend the night with the Lord at some Inn he was renting. We saw her off at the mansion’s gate, I was worried but she was resolute in her decision to be in his debt. On her part it was truly admirable, if anything, I was indebted to her.

Heh, Lalatina… what a cute name. Definitely befitting of a noble daughter. Whatever that Lord’s intention is, we must be ultra-nice to her when she returns, me especially.

Now I really must stay alive, not just for my own sake but for the sake of others, they may be useless but they literally fought and bargained for my life. Knowing that I’m liked by a bunch of beauties is embarrassing but is also a little, just a little… heart-warming. Quite frankly, they care more for me than my family ever did but enough of that, that life is all behind me.

It wasn’t all good news. Sure I’m alive but I was given a Stay of Trial which obviously means I’m still under suspicion of being a servant to the Demon King. Come on, I came here to beat him not join his hands in destruction! Complaining wasn’t going to change the outcome I’m just glad I didn’t die, it’s not a habit I want to repeat, unlike a certain helpless hero from Re:Zero.

Once Darkness was out of sight we decided to relax inside the mansion, it had been a very long week. We reached the doors when all the knights barged passed us and entered our house!

We followed after them to discover a horrible sight…They were repossessing all our stuff! What the hell!? I get I was under surveillance but don’t just enter my house and take whatever you damn well please! Oh no, they got my tracksuit! My only memorabilia from my old world! You’re not taking that!


…when the raid ended and the dust settled we all just sobbed on the floor. Although my foe sense skill didn’t go off I sense a pitiful gaze on me, but at this point I really don’t care.

Seriously, what did I do to deserve this kind of punishment? …I miss Japan.

AverageGuardLucas Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahaha, I'd love my tracksuit as well if I got permanently put in another world. Heck, I'd hate losing my collection, though it could be worth it
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