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The Wonderful Wiz of Axel - Page Four by AlphaDeltaZeta The Wonderful Wiz of Axel - Page Four by AlphaDeltaZeta


Wiz recovered once I transferred some of my energy to her with Drain Touch. As always she thanked me over and over. Honestly, I should be the one thanking her. We’d be food for the maggots if it weren’t for Wiz. Her face was so kind and grateful but it darkened and soon her gaze was downcast.

“It’s my fault. You suffered so much because of me. If only I wasn’t around…”

“H-hey now!”

True, being her associate did almost get me killed but it gave me a bad heart to see Wiz like this. Besides, I ordered Wiz to transport the Destroyer’s core and asked her to teach me Drain Touch, she literally didn’t do anything wrong, just followed orders. Planting the burden on her shoulders is unnecessary. I cleared my throat.

“Wiz, I have no regrets.”


“I took responsibility and will continue to take responsibility for you. I will NEVER abandon you, even if it kills me.”

Yep, I sounded really cool. If I was Wiz I’d fall in love with me right now. …Uh oh, Wiz’s head is still downcast. What sort of face is she making? Maybe I wasn’t as cool as I thought?

“Mr Kazuma…”

I heard her sniff. Then she leaned her head against mine, tears pouring from her eyes! My face is really, really red right now. What is this feeling? I’m not used to such strong affection from any woman. It’s the same feeling I get whenever I visit O Lady Eris… maybe this will help me get over my own personal trauma, move on and learn to love with no complication...?

Wiz is a fine woman. Building and deepening bonds takes time. I just need to play it cool, take my time and not rush this unforeseen development.

“Mr Kazuma, would you like to go to the Hot Springs together this evening-”

“Yes I would.”


Evening was here. My heart was racing. Why? It should be obvious. I’m sharing a small hot springs spot with Wiz!

Now that I take a closer look, she is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a sweet lady but she is sexy to boot. We sat in the hot water, side by side, enjoying each other’s company. It was nice and quiet until…

“Kazuma Satou!!!”

I looked over my shoulder to the fields to see Sena was marching with Aqua and Megumin in toe. They must have been forced to accompany Sena somewhere. She must be on the hunt for me, or to drag me in to clean up someone else’s mess.


A Monster Toad just popped up during the night. Wow, they’re so screwed. Oh well, not my problem. I just clicked my small sake cup with Wiz, basking in the peace and quiet with a beautiful woman. Is this what peace tasted like?

AverageGuardLucas Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn together in a hot tub? both naked? Hope the rest of the gang is alright, but I'm pretty sure they will manage
AlphaDeltaZeta Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think they'll be just fine. =)
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