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CM The Second Coming of the God of Thunder - Ch. 2

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Here is a commission for :iconkingofhistory: based on the scene from his story, The Second Coming of the God of Thunder where the protagonist, Thor, wakes up to find the beautiful Rossweisse looking down at him and smiling warmly. If you like to read his story, check it out in the link below. =)

The Second Coming of the God of Thunder

Commissions are welcome.^^/

Commissions Information (Update 2020)Commission Price,- Face  / Bust           £15 (per character) -    Half  Body             £20 (per character) -    Full Body               £25 (per character) -    Simple Background       Free -    Detailed Background     £10-£20 *prices vary depending on detail of your background. *If you want a sketch commission or a black and white commission please contact me and we can discuss pricing. **I will draw girls from anime, manga, Japanese light novels and video games. Fanart and OC. Yuri. Kemono and Monster Girls. Sensual art and fanservice. I will not draw Yaoi, Gore, Vore, depictions of violence, real people, furry or extreme fetish art. ContactEmail: Twitter: Direct message (email and Twitter are preferable and fastest way to reach me) Instagram: Direct Message DeviantArt: Note / ChatPixiv: Message How To OrderSubject: Commission Contact: Your Email / Your Twitter Commission Type: Bust, Half or Full Body / Portrait or LandscapePublish Type: Published or Private Character Description: If you have any samples of your character, please send them to me, it would help me a lot if I have a clear description of your character. Background Description: If you have an example of a background you would like, please share this with me. Narrative Description: What is the character's behaviour and mood? Please be as clear as you can. *If you are undecided and want to have a chat, that's ok too. Please let me know.Contact and PaymentSend me a message as above. I will reply to your message with a waiting list.Payment via Paypal only.I will request payment when it is your turn.I will send a rough sketch within a few days; at this time you can give some feedback and ask for a limited number of tweaks.Your picture will be finalised usually within 7-14 days. I will always try to finish your picture as soon as possible but please be patient.The finished artwork will be sent to you via email, Twitter or DeviantArt stash depending on your chosen method. If you prefer another way, please let me know.*If you have a deadline for the commission, please let me know. General Information / Copyright Usage Policy-      You must not copy, reproduce, modify, sell or take credit for any of my artwork in any way. My artwork is intended for personal use only. -      You may share your commission as you please. I would be very appreciative if you credit me with the artwork. -      I have the right to reject any commissions for any reason. -     I DO NOT give refunds. The only exception to this if I am unable to complete your picture. -     In a situation where you are unresponsive you will lose your place in the queue and if it is for a prolonged period of time your commission will be cancelled.Commissions Waiting List- I created a Waiting List so you can see where you are in the que. Please check the link below.^^,Commissions Waiting ListNovember 4, 2020I have created a Waiting List so you can check
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Thank you. =)

I'm glad you like it.^^/

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Thank you for the kind words. :)

I wouldn't be able to draw that picture, that style is out of my comfort zone.^^

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There doesn't need to be blood though

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What a sight to wake up to!

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Amazing work my friend. I love it :D

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Thank you, I'm really happy you like this picture of Thor and Rossweisse. =D

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Gorgeously sexy and bouncy

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Your welcome 🙏
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