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Hello, I'm AlphaDelta, an anime Illustrator who loves to draw OCs and Anime Waifus.^^/

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Afro, Atto, Chinchongha, CuteSexyRoButts, Hyanna-Natsu, Many Artists
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Rush Hour, The Hitman's Bodyguard, Non Non Biyori Vacation
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Laid-Back Camp, Non Non Biyori
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Laid-Back Camp, Non Non Biyori
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Atelier Ryza, Super Mario
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Nintendo Switch
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I'm not sure who gifted me with Core membership but thank you, you are very kind.^^
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Good morning everyone! I have my own Discord Server where I upload my artwork first before releasing them publicly. Come and join if you like to see my artwork first exclusively, DM me if you like an invitation. =)
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Hello AlphaDeltaArt. I want to ask you something. I don’t know maybe you know or you don’t know about these anime/manga: Seikon No Qwaser,


Sora No Otoshimono,


Shinmai Maou No Testament,


To Love-Ru,

Date A Live,


I just want to say please write fanfics about them. Separate of course not as one big crossover.

At least do Maken-Ki, Shinmai Maou No Testament, Seikon No Qwaser or Majikoi. They are my favourites. There are basically no fics about them. Good I mean. I want to see a good stories about them. With good plot, well made characters and harem. A large harem practically with all sexy woman in canon. Yep, I‘m kinda a horn dog. If you interested maybe I can help you with some ideas/suggestions. Like crossover with High School DXD/Seikon No Qwaser, HS DXD/SMNT, Maken-Ki/SNQ or Majikoi/Hokuto No Ken. If you didn’t watch them please when you’ll have an opportunity do it.

Hello friend.

It's very kind of you to request a fanfiction of me to write your favourite series but truthfully I don't have any intention of writing fanfiction any time soon. It is difficult and I would rather focus my time on my artwork.^^

However, I do know all the anime you have listed. In fact, my name AlphaDelta is inspired from the Sora no Otoshimono anime. I got Alpha from Ikaros (Alpha Angeloid) and Delta from Astreaea (Delta Angeloid). =)

It's not so much fanfiction but my character, Arakiel, uses a special Omniseed to travel across multiple anime universes. So far I have shipped him with Mio Naruse (I drew her with Arakiel a few months back) and I intend to ship him with Satella from Freezing, Aki from Maken-Ki! and maybe Yui or Ryouko from To LOVE-Ru. =)

I hope you are having a nice day and great wekeend.^^/

Oh ok. Well good thing that you do know about them. Most people I know don’t know even the half of them. Well for now I’ll be waiting. Don’t forget about them and once when you get enough time please write them. If you decide to do it can you write to me?

Because there are some things that I would like to see in them. A long story; a long number of chapters with some your original chapters - with events that didn’t happen in canon. A large harem - with almost all canon girls being part of it. Yeah, I am a horn dog. Gender bender - make some male characters female. Especially if it’s original MC. Why not? So he or should I say she won’t be left out. Some of them also look pretty hot as women (Senou Natsuru, Yuuki Rito, Sakurai Tomoko, Ooyama Takeko, Itsuka Shido). Also because for some of them in my opinion at least it is simply more fitting. And because I kinda hate some of them. Especially that pathetic, worthless, little shit Rito. If you’re interested I can say why is that but you may already know.

Sorry I was planning make it short but I couldn’t make it. Anyway don’t forget about them I believe you can make them.

Goodbye and wish you all the best. Give me your answer

Thank you for the fav! If you would like to see more of my work, please consider watching me! ♡♡♡

POV: Only Artists will Understand [Tiktok]

Thank you for the fave! :)

Thank you for the 100 bonus fragments and Diamond Badge on my artwork. 🙂

Thanks for the favs ^^