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the man named rain__plan nexus
Plan Nexus (part one of five)
Story The story begins in France with the 17 year old Rain __________. He and a team of older people, 2 college teachers and 3 college students and 5 others built a new type of rock with special capabilities. Rains father is one of the college teachers and helps him in his study but due to rain being removed from school dew to missing too many days he did not go back along. With that, he was the smartest students the school had ever seen. The main problem was he never studied the right subject. This all happened before the third Friday of June 2012 because after that 90 percent of all human, plant, animal and all other organic life on earth will die in less than 3 weeks.
(Third Friday of June 2012 at 8 A.M. GMT.) At that time, the world was hit with 45 high-powered bombs that released a large amount of gas in to the air and onto the ozone. At that time, most of the world's capitals were hit. The air from the bombs seemed to be harmless as the gas got into
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band of the hawks part o-1
Prelude to change
As my race was wiped out without me knowing, the race that controlled over our entire galaxy. However, the one thing we made was the end of almost our entire race and we turned into ash along with our entire home world. I the next king and my wife the next queen and three of our servants survived because we were in a jump tunnel, when we dropped out it was very unexpected and very violently. The navigation system could not find the target planet and to top that off the jump engines was damaged so we were dead in between two galaxies. After that we made our way to the nearest planet inside the empire but on the way at nearer to light speed travel it had been sixty years on the outside in space but about two on the inside of the  ship. About that time the computers early warning system went off and dropped us out of the near to light speed travel and we found a star system not on any star map a system on the outline of the home galaxy. Not mapped that is just
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light of understanding short
beginning of overview
The year was two thousand one hundred and twenty-five (2125) there was a man that could generate small amounts of a special particle with his body. The particles were called the light of understanding because they had the power to link peoples mind and feeling together and uses them as a powerful power source. As he grew older his power grew more as well until the day it took on its own personality. It was called the walking death. The only person to bring him back was a young female at the age of twenty-five. She was working as a bounty hunter. After about a week she started to have feeling for the man and within a year they were marred.
Two year later when he was on a nine month trip to work on the Jupiter star system his wife found out that she was pregnant with his child. For those six months she live thought living hell. At the eighth mouth the government stopped work on the Jupiter Star System and called the project off. The man was devastated because it was
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