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My Little Recolour Meme



A tongue-in-cheek comment on pony OC's. (Download for full size; some of the numbers are difficult to see otherwise).

Now, I am by no means criticizing those who cannot draw - not everyone can be Egophilliac. Heck, I'm not even criticizing the OC's that came from a pony creator game... my ponysona did.

However, I must make criticize those who use "I can't draw" as short hand for "I'm too lazy to get think of something that looks good, or get someone to give me some help/advice in making it look good."

So colour, share, laugh, etc. I am bound to get way more attention than I deserve on this, so I will not be responding to comments (though I will not stop you from doing so). I am also bound to offend someone, and to you I say: "So, you must be the one flooding our inboxes with black and neon green 'OC's'. Out of curiosity, have you ever wondered why no self-respecting artist will take your request?"

Original lineart courtesy of ikillyou121

Now available in MS Paint flavor! Over HERE! Brought to you by Maddy66547AJ

Check out PonyMemes for all your MLP meme needs!
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i did the thing

oh my god is that rainbow dash from smash bros