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Think Before You Squish
"Excuse me," said the spider to the shoe,
"Before you stamp, before you stomp
I have something vital to ask of you:
"I know I'm scary, I'm a dreadful sight
with legs that skitter hither and thither
and my many eyes that stare into the night.
"But tell me, truthfully: am I the worst?
Of the things that creep while you're asleep
the stuff of nightmares, those beasts accursed.
"No, not some imaginary monsters," the spider said,
"They live! They're alive!
They are real as your nose and the hairs on your head.
"Am I worse than the mosquito that bites?
The bumps that itch when you reach to scratch?
I keep him from biting your ear when you sleep at night.
"Am I worse than the termites that crawl in the wood
and eat and eat as if on repeat?
If I weren't around? Eat the whole house, they would!
"Am I worse than those buzzing black flies?
How very rude that they ruin your food!
If it weren't for me, you'd be eating maggotberry pies!
"Am I worse than the moth that eats your things,
All your shirt
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 1 0
Bedtime for Monsters
Listen, hatchlings, and listen well
To the story that I shall tell
Of the horrors that await
Young monsters who do not obey
When you don't clean your den at night
Or brush your bristled tail just right
The Thing that lives above our heads
Will come to snatch you from your beds
Bony limbs! A toothy mouth!
Digits that grasp and waver about!
No fur, nor horns, nor jagged beak
Lies upon this scaleless freak
But I'll tell you of its warning call
So your demise you may forestall
And live to see another night
Where mom and dad can ease your fright
A light it shines, from meaty paws,
It bulges its eyes, unhinges its jaws,
And it will screech with voice so shrill
Your spines will feel its ghostly chill
I hope that you shall never face
This wretched Thing; so please, make haste
To do your chores and listen right
Like good little monsters should do each night
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 0 0
a gift from the mountains
in the dead of winter:
winds of reprieve.
    daffodil shoots
    doomed to freeze
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 7 7
Beware, Beware
Once upon a meadow fair
there was a child and she
set off to visit Grand-mama
and keep her company
She filled her basket full of treats
but 'fore she went ahead
her mother knelt and pulled her close
and this is what she said:
Beware, beware, the monster there
is lurking out of sight
Beware, beware, the monster there
and keep your wits aright

And so she went along her way
without a fear nor care;
when who should she find in her path:
a wolf, with hungered glare
"Why child," said he, "where do you go
so merry and so bright?"
"To granny's," said she, "to bring to her
some comfort and delight"
"The meadow road, methinks it is
the longer way around
Go ye instead into the woods
a short cut shall be found"
So off she went onto the dark
and dreary forest path
Meanwhile, the wolf had turned to take
the faster meadow path
The wolf arrived while Grand-mama
knew not the threat without
He swiftly lunged upon her throat
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 4 9
I wish to listen
be still, reflect, look
before I leap
in deep waters
I hear your voice but
I hear the undercurrent also
taunting me
you will never see me surface
I'm afraid
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 5 1
green eyes unblinking
gaze back into mine;
the hint of a smile
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 2 3
HaikuWriMo prompts
Starbound (video game fandom)
destiny lies above
    i am starbound
so nice to have you
for dinner
mother, as I watched you
wandering in your haze:
did you see me? know me?
step 1: let your mouth run
as wild as your ignorance is deep
step 2: watch them try to hit back
Lego movie (film fandom)
butt parked in traffic
overpriced coffee in hand - 
everything is awesome
Moon Mining
beneath the surface
sheltered from stinging air
is my cave-in
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 1 6
destiny lies above 
    i am starbound
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 6 0
us, warm in our quilts;
the earth sleeps also
under snowy blanket
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 5 14
The Wolf on the Hill (Revised)
In a little old house on a little old hill,
With the dead black trees and haunted chill,
They say there lived a monstrous wolf pup
That huffed, and puffed, then gobbled kids up.
Three little boys - what a brave young team!
No big bad wolf, no matter how mean,
Could ever scare them - no, not today!
With a huff, and a puff, they made their way.
The first boy stood, staring in the maw
of gaping darkness; it gave him pause.
Like straw in the wind, his nerve gave way
In a huff, and a puff, he flew away
Boy number two, he wanted his kicks,
Throwing tough words and throwing big sticks;
But once he heard that ghostly wail,
He huffed, and he puffed, and turned his tail.
Now the last young boy, though things looked grim,
He stilled the quivers of his chinny chin chin;
Feet planted firm as a big brick wall,
He huffed, and he puffed, and stood up tall.
And, alas! No monster stood there;
Just an old kitty cat with greying hair.
No longer scared, and smiling proud
With a huff, and a puff, he laughed
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 10 17
Dew drops by alphabetsoup314 Dew drops :iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 9 0
Chasing the White Rabbit
Trying to chase dreams,
I find that I am eluded. 
The hours tick away
body turning
mind churning
And then I notice...
the walls   pull      away        from           my                reach
till I feel oh so small;
and though I'm on solid ground
the floor starts rocking
and I start

I find you, holding me. 
I am grounded. 
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 5 16
long shadows on brick wall —
dying whispers of
the autumn sun
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 6 4
Dream of you
I dream of you
only to wake up
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 29 31
The Tribal of Magic by alphabetsoup314 The Tribal of Magic :iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 166 10
The Meta Phase
There wasn't much time left. Out of the chaos, the threads had aligned and were pulling, pulling, pulling! - soon, they would break. Though paired segments of precious code still clung desperately to each other, all the parts were in motion, and the clinging would be in vain. Sarah could only watch in dumbstruck awe as the system began to fall apart, unable to interfere. 
A new copy of this world was about to form. 
Snap! The code-pairs split. Suddenly, each segment gave up on clinging to its counterpart. They flew apart, in opposite directions. The poles, Sarah suddenly recalled, that's where they'll try to go. Still, she could do nothing. The threads kept tugging at the segments
Then, she noticed that the walls were changing, shifting ever so subtly and yet so quickly. Were they stretching? Collapsing? Both. Like a belt had been tied too tight around the waist, the walls pushed outwards as the centre cinched itself. It was then that the threads finally
:iconalphabetsoup314:alphabetsoup314 4 6


Premade Background  1472 by AshenSorrow Premade Background 1472 :iconashensorrow:AshenSorrow 906 88 Celtic decorative Vectors by remittancegirl Celtic decorative Vectors :iconremittancegirl:remittancegirl 56 6 Victorian Botanicals Volume 3 by remittancegirl Victorian Botanicals Volume 3 :iconremittancegirl:remittancegirl 48 3
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2015 Shining Wind Contest: Closed
The kigo Shining Wind (kaze hikaru / 風光る) refers to a warm breeze of spring that follows after a dark cold winter, which breathes gently upon the skin, as if like a shining radiance.  Throughout history cultures have named the wind based on different characteristics it exhibits or where it is coming from (or going to).  Whether it is the tropical Alizé, a dust-laden Haboob, or Zephyros the Greek god of the west wind, there are stories behind each.  Join the Haiku Club as we explore these stories and, perhaps, create our own.
Select a Prompt
:bulletpurple: Write about the wind or its effects
:bulletblue: Write about anything flying or carried on the wind
:bulletgreen: Create a name for a wind local to you and write about it
:bulletyellow: Select a name given to the wind (here
:iconthe-haiku-club:the-haiku-club 7 20
something left (miyoji)
hope remains
inside that jar
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'Fairy Tale' Contest
Fairy Tale
BestestFriendContest Group ENTRIES
Bestest Friend (DreamingAutumn) and I are back with another contest! :eager:
:bulletred: This contest's theme is 'Fairy Tale'! What does that mean? Well,  why don't you just ruminate, whilst I illuminate the possibilities...
:bulletyellow: Simply put, you write something related to "fairy tale", that could be ANYTHING. Want to write your own fairy tale? Go for it! Want to modernize or rewrite the ending for an existing tale, do it! You can even incorporate another element into it. Maybe it's a cross between Sci-Fi and Fantasy or a Mystery and Fantasy tale! Or do some combination, how about a Snow White Sci-Fi where she is the one kissing the prince awake? ;P The possibilities are end
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old paper stock 03 by ftourini old paper stock 03 :iconftourini:ftourini 1,068 153 How I hand-stitch Paw Pads by dot-DOLL How I hand-stitch Paw Pads :icondot-doll:dot-DOLL 1,089 153 Dreamer Mask: Emergence (3D Printed) by Lumecluster Dreamer Mask: Emergence (3D Printed) :iconlumecluster:Lumecluster 2,220 192 Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 3 by jeinu Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 3 :iconjeinu:jeinu 10,622 282 Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 2 by jeinu Unique Features Tutorial: Pt 2 :iconjeinu:jeinu 13,033 432




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am a geomatics engineering student with a specialization in biomedical engineering (which means that I do a lot of math and science-y stuff). I am also an artist, a crafter, a writer, an actor, and many other things. I am a jack of all trades and master of none.

If you have an account at, feel free to add ladydonut to your list. Send me a note first and tell me who you are on dA, because I don't add people who I don't recognize.

My stock account: [AlphaSoupStock]
The Ask Project Freeprancer Tumblr: [Ask Project Freeprancer]
You guys may have been wondering where I was. Or perhaps you've forgotten about my existence. Either way, I'm here to throw an update into your pile of notifications.

In a nutshell: for a while, grad school happened. Then Reddit happened. Oh man, Reddit is almost as bad as dA for sucking up my attention (/r/writingprompts is fun, you guys should give it a shot). Then a baby happened.

Haven't really been drawing much, that's difficult to do with grad school, then a kid needing attention. But I've been doing a bit of writing, that's pretty easy to do. Yay!

So there will probably be a huge dump of stuff coming over from my Reddit and Flight Rising accounts; lots of poetry but some actual prose too. I've tried to save as much as I can, it never really occurred to me to try and save my Reddit stuff, and it's difficult to get back after a certain point in time. If any of it looks familiar, you've probably run into a user named kra_gl_e or Kragle. That's me! I've kinda gotten attached to kra_gl_e as a username.

I've also started a Wattpad account, if any of you are into that. My niece got me into it, and I kinda like the ability to gather stuff into convenient e-book format (though it is still lacking in the formatting front). I'm kra_gl_e over there; feel free to check it out, I'm putting together some poetry and short story collections.


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