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AIDS Mythbusters Contest
In honor of AIDS Walk 2007 I am hosting a contest.
Take a common myth about AIDS/HIV and portray the truth via art.  
For example:
MYTH - You can get AIDS through kissing.
MYTH - HIV/AIDS only affects gay men and drug users
More can be found here but do your research and use your art to help spread the truth and bust these myths!
You may use any art medium to achieve your result.  
Submit your entries to deviantART into whatever category they would go into (by medium/genre) and post the link on this journal.
Do not note me entries, they will get lost
Deadline for submissions is October 30th, 2007
First, Second and Third place winne
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 201 111
AIDS Walk 2007
They say that one good turn deserves another and after the outpouring of love and support I received for my weekend to end breast cancer, I'm inclined to believe that.  As such, I'm writing today to draw attention to the fight against AIDS, a cause near and dear to many but more specifically, my friend GeneratingHype.  For those of us old enough to remember, the subject of AIDS was a media bonanza in the 90's and it was constantly addressed  in every newspaper, political platform, tv spot and magazine.  They talked about it and they talked about it often.  Unfortunately, that need to talk has slowed down, but the epidemic that is AIDS has not.
Over 25 million people have been lost to AIDS so far, and 4.3 million people were infected with HIV in 2006.  The spread of HIV is quickening, with more people infected in 2006 than in any previous year.
Why do I care? I care because it affects people I care about, I care.. because
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 685 1,008



Coming Soon
United States
BARE WITH ME! I am trying to put all this together, everything should be working in about an hour.

Welcome to Alphabetars! StacyKendra, here!

This is a new project of mine that I've been dreaming about ever since I have been active on the forums. I used to want to spell out sentences with avatars, you see, just because it would be cool, really. Since then, the idea has developed into more clear and useful goals:

:bulletred: To provide cool, free avatars to all!
:bulletred: To create a new way that deviants (even non-subscribers) can make their journals look cool!
:bulletred: To enourage people to visit other deviants by creating a new way to link pages to pages!

To kick things off, I am happy to introduce the first font for Alphabetars: Red Letter Day. To add to the fun, using these avatars is for a good cause!


What can you do?

:bulletred: Wear the avatars!
:bulletred: Promote awareness in your signatures!
:bulletred: Use Red Letter Day Alphabetars to dispel a myth about AIDS in your journal!

For more information, please visit my main journal.

Some helpful information you'll need to accomplish all this:
FAQ #147: How do I upload or remove an avatar for my profile?
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

Before non-subscribers will be able to spell out sentences in their journals using the Alpabetars, people will have to start using them for their own avatars! SO: Please tell me if you are using an Alphabetar as your avatar. I will compile the list of people using a certain avatar in the deviation of that avatar itself. They will all be linked so that it will be easy for people to navigate through the letters.


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