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Depressing News (C.M. 2: Encore Part 29)

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When Andrew groggily got up, he wearily saw that he was in a hospital. When Andrew moved his left hand, he noticed it was cold. Also, a needle was pierced through it. As such, Andrew rubbed his pounding head.

"Ugh, what happened this time?" Andrew asked.

"Oh, good, you're finally awake!" a white-furred doctor man said, "You and you're friend have been unconscious for the better part of a couple hours."

Andrew's eyes widened, and he instantly shot up.

"Wait, where is he?" Andrew asked, panicking.

The doctor sighed and glanced to the right. Confused, Andrew followed the man's gaze and nearly cried. Drake was laid down in a large hospital bed, w/ some footrests making up for the lack of length.

"Honestly, I have no idea how he's alive right now," the doctor said.

"What... do you mean?" Andrew asked slowly.

The doctor sighed. He then grabbed a paper-like thing from the other side of the room. When he came back and showed it to Andrew, Andrew gasped in horror. It was an x-ray of Drake's skeleton. The thing is, though, the bones had many, many fractures and breaks, the spine had severe damage, the chest and ribs were riddled w/ nasty breaks of their own, and the head... was the worst. It was absolutely covered w/ cracks and fractures and looked kind of fragile...

"Oh. My...," said Andrew, at a loss for words.

"Yes, we have no idea how he managed to survive this long. W/ all that bone damage, not to mention all the lacerations, open wounds, scars, missing fur, and internal organ damage, and even brain damage he has, he should have died a long time ago..."

Andrew's gaze fell, his face full of despair.

"We don't know if he'll wake up," said the doctor, "While he is in a catatonic state, his heart rate and pulse appear to be mostly stable. His chances of waking up are uncertain."

Andrew laid back w/ a devastated look.

Oh. My. God... Andrew thought sadly.

  A while later, Andrew got the needle removed, got his clothes back on, and was taken to the hospital entrance. After the doctor left, Andrew suddenly remembered something.

"Crap, my parents are NOT going to be happy when I tell them what happened today," Andrew said while cringing.

He grimly dialed Cedric's number. After a few rings, Cedric finally answered.

"Oh, hey, buddy," Cedric said coolly.

Andrew sighed.

"Uh, C-dad, something horrible happened..."

Silence ensued for a few seconds.

"Where are you right now?" Cedric asked gravely.

Andrew jumped a bit. Typically, his C-dad was a pretty laid back person, and he'd never heard him use that tone!

"I'm in front of the hospital-," Andrew began.

"WHAT?!" Cedric shouted while Andrew quickly moved away.

The call then abruptly ended. Only 2-3 seconds later, Cedric and Grey materialized w/ shocked expressions. When they saw Andrew, they immediately grabbed him and checked him for damages. When they were sure Andrew was alright, Grey smiled, but Cedric gave a stern look.

"What happened?" he asked.

Andrew sighed and explained everything. Once he had finished, Grey looked to the side, w/ a sad and unsure look. Cedric's expression was unreadable.

"Andrew..., is this all true?" Grey asked slowly.

Andrew gravely nodded. Cedric, silent, held his hands out.

"C-dad?" Andrew asked.

"Let's go," Cedric said mysteriously, "I have something that needs to be... taken care of."

Grey grabbed the left hand. Andrew, sighing sadly, took the right one. Cedric twitched his tail, and the family disappeared.

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