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A Moment of Desperation (C.M. 2: Encore Part 28)

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Andrew groggily got up while rubbing his head.

Oh, God. What happened? Andrew thought, confused.

His eyes suddenly widened.

"Oh, crap, Drake!" Andrew exclaimed.

While holding his head, Andrew quickly ran out of the alleyway and looked around frantically. Eventually, though..., Andrew spotted Drake lying face-down, a small pool of blood underneath.

"DRAKE!" Andrew shouted.

Immediately, Andrew rushed over to the unconscious body. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something dark. When Andrew looked, his eyes widened in horror and disgust. It was a black skeleton w/ a damaged skull, and it was covered in quivering black goo. Confused at first, Andrew quickly realized who that thing belonged to.

So he actually did it... Andrew thought, both in awe and pride.

  He then turned back to Drake's body. When he noticed the bleeding wound in the back, Andrew, horrified, immediately flipped Drake over. After a lot of effort, when Andrew saw what was underneath, he screamed. Drake's chest was stained w/ a lot of blood and, even worse, the top right part had a really nasty crack right above the eye! Speaking of eyes, Drake's eyes were closed and unmoving... Immediately, Andrew crouched, put his hands over Drake, and twitched his stitched tail. Nothing happened. Andrew, alarmed, tried to teleport, but again, nothing happened. Andrew breathed hard and panicked as he mentally cussed out Natas. Quickly, Andrew brought out his phone and dialed 911.

"Hello, this 911. What is your emergency?" the female operator asked.

"Please send help!" Andrew shouted, "My friend is unconscious and bleeding out on the street! He's barely breathing, and he's lost a lot of blood!"

"Ok, ok, where are you right now? The paramedics will be there as soon as they can!"

"A few feet from Still Fountain on 21st street. Please hurry!" Andrew responded desperately.

"Ok, they'll be there soon," the operator responded.

Andrew hung up and glanced over to Drake. Suddenly, his SOUL switched to green, and his fingers weakly sparked green magic. Andrew hissed.

I hate you so much, Natas, Andrew thought acidly.

Quickly, Andrew set his hands on Drake's chest and forced out as much KINDNESS as he could. Unfortunately, though, despite Andrew's best efforts, nothing really seemed to get better! Upon seeing this, Andrew clenched his teeth and painfully drew out the rest of his SOUL magic. It hurt so much to do that Andrew couldn't help scream upwards and cry as his SOUL was drained of its energy! Eventually, though, Andrew had used too much power. At this point, the magic ceased, and Andrew's vision turned blurry. After a few seconds, his eyes closed, and Andrew slumped to the side, unconscious...



Unbeknownst to the unconscious twosome, the black goo on the dark skeleton suddenly began to take a form. At first, the blobby substance tried to take a humanoid shape, but it ultimately collapsed. After a bit, it just formed a mouth and called it a day at that.

Where... me...? Who... me...? The blob thought quizzically.

It tried to recall anything from before its formation, but there appeared to be nothing! The goo pouted, upset at this. It then "looked" around its strange surroundings until it noticed something that caught its attention. A small distance away, there were two unmoving people. Both of them gave out weak energy. The blob immediately slithered over to the bigger person. While the smaller one didn't feel too strong, the goo could somehow tell they would live. As for the giant, the blob could barely sense their energy at all, much to its alarm.

"Me help big man, me help big man!" The blob said in a dumb voice.

Panicked, it searched the giant, frantically trying to find a way to keep the big person alive! After a bit, the blob found a hole in the back. Slowly, it slunk its way into the opening.

Do not worry, strange man, the blob thought. Me save you...

After a bit of finesse, the goo had disappeared into the gaping hole...

(Andrew and Drake)

Sometime later, a couple of ambulances came. Andrew and Drake were immediately loaded into an ambulance before they were rushed off to the hospital...

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