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A Moment in Monument Valley

As Hideri scans the evening horizon, marvelling at the shadows cast by the towering stone, they realize just how small they are...

Happy holidays Kyuuyula you're my Eskchange 2020 gift recipient~ I hope you like it!

AP Breakdown
Base Score: 10 AP (Shaded Illustration)
+5 AP (Full Body)
+20 AP (Full/Scenic Background)
+5 AP (Personal Work Bonus)
+10 AP (Other Esk Bonus: 10 AP * 1)
Total AP per submission: 50
Event Multiplier x2
Total AP per submission: 100

GP Breakdown
Base Score: 4 GP (Shaded Illustration)
+2 GP (Full Body)
+6 GP (Full/Scenic Background)
Total GP per submission: 12
Event Multiplier x2
Total GP per submission: 24
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WOW that background is breathtaking!!

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You're making me tear up here, GOSH this is so beautiful! Thank you so very very much! ;v;

I love the colour palette of the background and all the details you worked into the stones and Hideri's fur. Just, absolutely amazing! :la:

This is definitely gonna be part of his overworked Tracker sometime soon. <3

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Thiis is so great!! <3

Alphabaetafish's avatar

Thanks a ton Ara! ;o;

CritCorsac's avatar

Breathtaking view!

Alphabaetafish's avatar

Aww thank you! ;u;

This looks amazing! I love the aura of the scene and its crazy how much detail the background has 💖💖💖
Alphabaetafish's avatar
callmeFlo's avatar

this is stunning ;o;

Alphabaetafish's avatar

Awww thank you Flo! ;u;

Eraili's avatar

wow i looove the colours, this is amazing!

Alphabaetafish's avatar

Ahh thank you so much! :>

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