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Goodbye Mothwing
ok i know i said i don't like mothpool that much, but that's only really depends.
I can't like it in regards of it being a diss on crowfeather, but i love it  for everything else.

anyways, i just thought... Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan.. She won't be able to see her girlfriend :'(
..until Leafpool does something about it. 

Mothwing and Leafpool belong to Erin Hunter. 
Worry (Warriors OCS)
Characters from left to right: Maplepaw, Mudlake, Shoalcave, Nightwhisker, Smokepaw, Lionburr.

I'm really happy that yall' enjoyed Nightwhisker and Nettlesky's story. So here's more on it! 
This is a parallel between Nightwhisker and Shoalcave, and how they both fear about being mentors again because of what happened to their former apprentices. 
Maplepaw, Shoalcave's former apprentice, was hit by a monster while collecting herbs. And Nightwhisker's former apprentice, Lionburr, nearly killed her mate, and was sent to the dark forest for her crimes. 

These warrior characters belong to me. 
I'm hunting for a shiny kyurem now.
ya'll wish me good luck
[ appearance; ]
>> name: Imogen
>> age: 16
>> gender: female
>> sexual / romantic orientation: asexual
>> height:idk
>> hair color: dyed purple, but naturally brown
>> favorite feature: my eyes are chromatic blue apparently, so yeah, that.

[ home life; ]
>> parents' marital status?: together
>> state/area you live in: victoria, Australia
>> what does your room look like?: a LOT of pokemon stuff, and lots of warm reds, pinks and purples. 
>> favorite food: spaggetti and meatballs
>> when do you usually go to sleep?: whenever, my body wakes me up at five in the morning, anyways. 

[ right now…; ]
>> listening to?: 'eighth wonder' by lemon demon
>> eating: nothin'
>> wearing: black pants, lion king t-shirt, gray hoodie, and team mystic hat.
>> talking to: myself
>> feeling: tired
>> happy about: that an old anime/stategy game that i used to play as a kid has been rebooted.
>> sad about?: how amourshipping won't come back for a while :(

[ favorite…?; ]
>> song: i have a lot of them, but probably 'Meet Me In The Woods' by Lord Huron.
>> person: dunno
>> member of your family: i love them all  (cough)my nanna(cough)
>> animal: Lions and Cats
>> thing to wear: my big red jacket and comfy sneakers
>> day of the week: saturday
>> thing to do: draw, read, play video games
>> drink: water, milk, soft drink (soda)
>> thing about yourself: i have Asperger's, a rather weaker form of autism. 
>> thing to talk about: pokemon or warrior cats :)

[ love life; ]
>> crushing currently?: yeeah
>> longest crush you've ever had?: welp, the one have right now, since it's my only one. 
>> first kiss?: never happened.
>> last person you kissed?: no one. 
>> describe your crush: she's fictional.

[ have you ever…?; ]
>> bungee jumped: no but i want to
>> gone skinny dipping: no
>> smoked: never
>> drank: no
>> done drugs: nope
>> self harmed: nu-uh.
>> cried of joy: maybe?
>> been to the beach: yeah, multiple times. 
>> skipped school: yeah
>> been suspended or expelled: nope
>> been on TV: nope
>> made someone cry: probably
>> fallen in love: cough


AlphaAreus's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Other
(Profile Pic by dazzledoves)

The name's AlphaArceus! Or you can call me Alpha!
I'm a cat and dragon lover and a frequent gamer, and i friggin sHIP like crazy.

The fandoms i belong to, and feel glad to talk about!:

Pokemon: Been an avid fan of the series for the majority of my life, My favourite Pokemon are Latios, Palkia, White Kyurem and Litten. (Not to mention my first crush ever was on a Pokemon character, Serena!

Warrior Cats: Hell Yeah! War kitties! My favourite characters are Dovewing and Tigerclawstar AND RIVERCLAN IS THE BEST CLAN IN THE FOREST!

MCSM: Love this game so goddamn much, it makes me laugh and cry, and even makes me out of breath after the fast paced action scenes. Petra and Radar are my favourites, and i will protect them from everything.

TLK: My favourite movie of all time. Scar is my evil son and i love him.

Star Wars: My dad got me into these movies. They're stellar, from 4 to 8. (The prequels suck and Han Solo is the best.)

Harry Potter: Although i don't talk about the series much, man do i love it! I love the characters of Sirius, Remus, Hemoine, Hagrid & Mcgonagall. (also Hufflepuff rules)

Skylanders: I have loved these games since they came out. Just to clarifiy, i wanted to play skylanders BECAUSE i saw Spyro. I knew about him before skylanders was released, trust me. Still, i love these games and i've collected a huge amount of Skylanders.

A bunch of animated movies: Other animated films i ADORE, such As Wall-E and The Lego Movie.

Things i'm doing nowerdays:

Playing Minecraft, Pokemon pr MCSM
Watching Tv shows such as Pokemon and The Simpsons
Watching AFL (Australian Football league)
Reading, Usually warrior cats.
Writing AUs
Creating fake warriors or pokemon scenarios and acting them out when i'm home alone.

Other Places to find me: I mean, i do have a tumblr, but i don't use it that much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯:


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