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Kamen Rider Drive Symbol

The symbol for the 2014-15 Rider: Drive! Seems like it'll be an interesting season. I'm very partial to cars and vehicles in general, so I'm certainly looking forward to what this series will bring!

Kamen Rider Drive! Start Your Engines!
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It seems this symbol is a little inaccurate in general, but still, nice work.

Dear Alpha,
I can tell by the accuracy and beauty of the hero symbols (sentai/rider alike) on your channel that it takes ALOT of hard work to reproduce for your own personal enjoyment as well as others.

It pains me to see that you have water-marked your latest creations starting from the Zyuranger ones and Wizard Defend to the current tokusatsu shows airing.

I know that you are frustrated that people are using your work and not giving you credit (or even taking the credit for themselves), but please don't water-mark these master pieces because they ultimately don't look good if you do. The art itself will suffer as a result.

So please, if you could, re-upload the water-marked images with non-water-marked versions and continue to make hero symbols the same way you've been doing before you started to water-mark them. 

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aw man, it has the dA watermark. >_<
BLADEDGE's avatar
I can see a K and an R, still looking for a D
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maybe that upper half of R? hehehe...
Firecraker-J's avatar
That's cool! Okay, see you again in about 3 years... maybe more! Kidding...
Alpha-Vector's avatar
More like 30 hours! Honestly though, 3 years is a fair estimate considering my track record...
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Welcome back, AlphaVector!
Alpha-Vector's avatar
Thanks very much!
KrDestiny's avatar
I wonder what this "R" means... His main form will be Speed Type, right?
jesternario's avatar
Actually, according to the creators, it's not just an R. Apparently, the word "DRIVE" can be found and spelled out in the rider symbol.
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I'm guessing the R means Rider.  Could be wrong though.
can I use this image on my profile in
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If you give me credit for it somewhere in the profile, then go for it!
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