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KR:Double - Prism

Celebrating the debut of Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker Xtreme ealier today, I'm brining you one of W's new memories, and the key to his weapon, the Prism Bicker! The Prism memory is...woah...seriously, woah, I've seen ep 32 and mother of

Moon Prism nothing compared to Prism: Maximum Drive!
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i saw the episode,it was awesome.
Prism memory Xtreme are amazing
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for those who come across this: some interesting reading:

The prism memory works literally like a prism. Most of you in early science in school have seen the beauty of the rainbow that a glass prism can produce when you shine a stream of white light into it.
The Prism memory works in the opposite direction- combining the powers of the gaia memories into a singular attack.
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I love CycloneJoker Extreme! He can do 4, count them, 4 Maximum Drives at once. Plus he's got Prism Maximum Drive and Extreme Maximum Drive/Hasn't been used yet, but you count it up: CJX has and can use 6 Maximum Drives at will! Beat THAT, Rider Twin Maximum!!!